Apache Ranger 1.1.0 Source import idea and run Debug Security-admin Web module

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What Apache Ranger is, it is a centralized management framework for the Hadoop platform that provides comprehensive data security access control and monitoring, Apache top-level projects. No nonsense, in fact this article is not so big on, is a step by step teach you how to import Ranger source to idea, and run debugging its Web module.

Import source
    • The first step of course is to download the source code, where the latest version of the 1.1.0
git clone https://github.com/apache/ranger.gitgit Checkout release-ranger-1.1.0
    • Compile, choose to compile all here, of course, you can choose a specific module to compile, time will be relatively long
MVN Clean Compile package install assembly:assembly
    • Add idea-related configurations and dependencies
MVN Idea:idea
    • Direct import on the line, what? You won't even import it.
Run the Debug Security-admin Web module

First initialize the database, it is recommended to choose Mysql,postgresql I initialize the time reported n many wrong, directly give up.

Change Security-admin/src/main/resources/conf.dist/ranger-admin-site.xml

Configure audit logs, no SOLR can be used without the control

    <property>        <name>ranger.audit.solr.urls</name>        <value>http://localhost:6083/ solr/ranger_audits</value>        <description></description>    </property>    < property>        <name>ranger.audit.source.type</name>        <value>solr</value>        <description></description>    

Configure Ranger database and user name password

    <property>        <name>ranger.jpa.jdbc.url</name>        <value>jdbc:log4jdbc:mysql:// localhost:3306/pranger3</value>        <description></description>    </property>    <property>        <name>ranger.jpa.jdbc.user</name>        <value>admin</value>        <description></description>    </property>    <property>        <name> ranger.jpa.jdbc.password</name>        <value>admin</value>        <description></ Description>    </property>
Configure Web. xml

There are two ways of doing this:

第一种Security-admin/src/main/resources/conf.dist set to resourcesDirectory

Modify Security-admin/src/main/webapp/web-inf/web.xml

  <context-param>    <param-name>contextConfigLocation</param-name>    <param-value> Meta-inf/applicationcontext.xml            Web-inf/classes/security-applicationcontext.xml            Meta-inf/scheduler-applicationcontext.xml</param-value >  </context-param>

Modify Security-admin/src/main/webapp/meta-inf/applicationcontext.xml

        <property name= "Locations" >            <list>                <!--<value>classpath:xa_default.properties</ Value>-                <!--<value>classpath:xa_system.properties</value>-                <!--< Value>classpath:xa_custom.properties</value>-                <!--<value>classpath:xa_ Ldap.properties</value>-                <value>classpath:core-site.xml</value>                <value> Classpath:ranger-admin-default-site.xml</value>                <value>classpath:ranger-admin-site.xml</ value>            </list>        </property>
The second type only changes the configuration file

Modify Security-admin/src/main/webapp/web-inf/web.xml

  <context-param>    <param-name>contextConfigLocation</param-name>    <param-value> Meta-inf/applicationcontext.xml            Web-inf/classes/conf.dist/security-applicationcontext.xml            meta-inf/scheduler-applicationcontext.xml</ param-value>  </context-param>

Modify Security-admin/src/main/webapp/meta-inf/applicationcontext.xml

        <property name= "Locations" >            <list>                <!--<value>classpath:xa_default.properties</ Value>-                <!--<value>classpath:xa_system.properties</value>-                <!--< Value>classpath:xa_custom.properties</value>-                <!--<value>classpath:xa_ Ldap.properties</value>-                <value>classpath:conf.dist/core-site.xml</value>                < Value>classpath:conf.dist/ranger-admin-default-site.xml</value>                <value>classpath:conf.dist/ ranger-admin-site.xml</value>            </list>        </property>

Add Tomcat

Then you can run the debug, enjoy the debug debugging it.

Apache Ranger 1.1.0 Source import idea and run Debug Security-admin Web module

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