Apache+php+mysql Environment Construction

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preparatory work:

First, set up the Xamp folder under the D disk, and then create the following 3 folders to store Apache, MYSQL, PHP

Second, prepare the source file:

III. installation of Apache

First set up the directory in the D disk D:\XAMP\Apache, and then double-click Httpd-2.2.22-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi like a piece of the image to fill or select, not the steps by default:

Click Next to complete and then enter localhost in the browser to appear as a tablet indicating the installation of Apache server successfully

Iv. Modifying the Apache configuration file D:\XAMP\Apache\conf\httpd.conf

Restart the Apache server by adding the three snippet code shown below in httpd.conf

Copy the Php-5.3.13-win32-vc9-x86.zip file to the D-Drive PHP folder and unzip it to complete the PHP installation.

Six, the configuration of PHP, modify the php.ini file, such as remove; You can add this feature

After the modification is completed, create the index.php file in the Xamp\htdoc and enter the PHP code to save it.

The following interface will appear when you enter localhost/index.php in the browser:

MySQL database installation, double-click Mysql-5.5.27-win32.msi, follow the diagram below to modify the installation

After the installation is complete, the following interface shows that the installation was successful.

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The above describes the APACHE+PHP+MYSQL environment, including the aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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