Apicloud at the China Communications Industry IoT Conference to help move the business quickly

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According to Gartner, total spending on the internet of Things will reach $3.011 trillion by 2020. With the rapid development of low-power technology in recent years, the unprecedented scale and development speed of the IoT industry.

April 12, 2018 the second China Telecom industry conference held in Beijing. With the theme of "Smart connection under the digital wave", we work together with the industry to build high-quality cooperation, sharing and connectivity platform to help build an Internet of things communication and cooperation ecosystem with operators as the core. This afternoon, Apicloud co-founder and CTO Shanda the theme of "The right development posture for IoT apps".

In the context of the rise of the Internet of things, traditional industries are actively transforming and seeking to integrate with the internet of things. Mobile is a very important link with the Internet of things, IoT devices often need to operate on the mobile side, view data, and so on, but mobile development is still a big problem for traditional enterprises. In this sharing, Shanda not only introduces the current trends of IoT industry app development, but also analyzes the difficulties in development and how to solve them.

Mobile applications as the Internet of Things to connect users and products of the bridge, the current common types are mainly smart home, car networking, wearable devices, health, environmental monitoring and urban management of the six categories.

Apicloud at the China Communications Industry IoT Conference

The important feature of the Internet of Things is the fragmentation of applications, but that's why many of the problems, challenges, and practical problems in the application process of IoT connectivity technologies are a headache for engineers in many specific industries. For example, the technical difficulty of IoT is how to solve the real-time communication between the app and the device and the device docking between the app and the different manufacturers, the Apicloud platform adopts two-party, three-party and Quartet communication architectures, which solves the technical difficulties in the connection of the IoT application equipment.

Apicloud Platform's hybrid app development model can improve terminal adaptation, greatly shorten the development cycle, these for enterprise mobile business development, most of the ideal state can be achieved through the Apicloud platform.

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Apicloud at the China Communications Industry IoT Conference to help move the business quickly

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