App developer Service Platform--keymob Mobile ad aggregation platform

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Keymob, focused on mobile ad aggregation platform. Keymob Mobile Ad Aggregation platform is the leading mobile advertising aggregation platform in China, and we are committed to creating a mobile ad aggregation platform that serves developers. Keymob provides developers with a stable, secure and maximized revenue.

Keymob Mobile ad aggregation platform with the industry's unique technical advantages to build the industry's most comprehensive service system, our aim is to maximize the application of the developers to achieve profit.

Keymob Mobile ad Aggregation platform has been committed to better service developers. In order to provide better service to the developers, the SDK of Keymob mobile advertising aggregation platform open source, but also provides the application cross promotion, the independent sale advertisement, the directional promotion, the Exchange advertisement and so on function, currently applies the cross promotion function to support Android and iOS.

Keymob Mobile ad aggregation platform is a typical model of the third-party platform to provide mobile application advertising management in China. As a leading mobile advertising aggregation platform, Keymob has successfully aggregated several mainstream advertising platforms at home and abroad. has become the developer's preferred mobile ad aggregation platform.

App developer Service Platform--keymob Mobile ad aggregation platform

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