App development outsourcing considerations, 2017 Latest News

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We've seen a lot of entrepreneurs in this app outsourcing. Many entrepreneurs don't pay much attention to app outsourcing, thinking that handing it over to the app outsourcing company is not really the case. There are many places to be aware of, from choosing an app outsourcing company to signing a contract and after-sales maintenance. The following 51 Development app website (outsourcing unspoken rules secret Network) will be entrepreneurs in the application development outsourcing easy to make mistakes listed.

Think that the development of an app and simple, their own needs are not clear to start to let the app outsourcing company development, if you look for the app outsourcing company is irresponsible, then you start the tragedy

Ask for a quote before the demand is clear. This is a common mistake, the price depends on the development needs, even the demand is vague, this offer can be reliable? Formal outsourcing companies will not come up to give you a quote, unless the cheater subcontractor (they will sit in the middle of the start, mercilessly kill you)

Don't know the difference between the app and the website, I want to make an app but say the website

Think that all app software has a template to apply, that the development price is very cheap. In fact, this idea is not correct, the app is divided into the template app and the native development app, you need to identify your needs.

There is no clear all the functional requirements, the app on-line after repeated tinkering, and finally may change a mess. And in this case, the app outsourcing company will generally pay you two times the development price, so the cost is greatly increased.

Signing the contract too casual, did not separate the requirements as an annex to the contract, so that the app outsourcing company as long as the free development of software can fulfill the contract, resulting in legal fraud.

There was no agreement before the app was outsourced and no subcontracting was required.

  Here's how to choose an app outsourcing company

1. To see the overall strength of their company, a powerful app outsourcing company has its own professional development team, there will never be a subcontracting phenomenon.

2. Review the company development case and evaluate their technical strength. See if the company has developed similar software and has partnered with well-known companies.

3. Look at their planning ability to provide valuable planning solutions within a short period of time after knowing your general needs. At present, most of the application software in the Chinese market has the phenomenon of plagiarism, in addition to lack of creativity, but can not meet the needs of the market. Therefore, a powerful app development outsourcing company's planning team must have good planning capabilities, to provide customers with professional, innovative substantive recommendations.

4. Professionalism, that is to say, this outsourcing company specializes in a type of app development, for example, professional Mall app development. Such a flower will have a stronger professional ability.

5. See their after-sales service, to the app on-line after the bug and other issues will be timely processing

In this fast-fish-eating slow-fish mobile internet era, many entrepreneurs have chosen to let app outsourcing companies develop their apps as soon as they get online, which is a very sensible option. But there are many unexpected problems in development, and development is not smooth sailing. For more app outsourcing development notes and app outsourcing company unspoken rules and other information can Baidu, 51 development app website (outsourcing unspoken rules secret Network) to consult, hope to help you.

App development outsourcing considerations, 2017 Latest News

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