App outsourcing company subcontracting directly leads to development failure!

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With the rapid development of mobile Internet, many enterprises have seen the importance of mobile Internet to the development of enterprises, so the investment in mobile internet is getting bigger and larger. An app that fits your needs is the basic hurdle for many mobile internet companies.

App outsourcing company personnel quality is uneven, have a team, have a person, have a company. There are a few people of the intermediary team, the intermediary team itself does not develop the ability of the app, so they just subcontract your app to other companies or teams, which leads to the customer's interests are not guaranteed, because this subcontracting behavior is easy to lead to communication errors, delay the app development cycle, measures business opportunities.

If you want to outsource the app, then 51 development app official website (outsourcing unspoken rules secret Network) proposed in the contract to write "non-subcontracting" related regulations and the unauthorized subcontracting compensation scheme. Because there are many app subcontractors who have no ability to develop their own, they will transfer the inherited app development project to other app custom development team to get the profit from the spread. This process is likely to cause app development to fail. Here is a detailed analysis of the application development sub-subcontract harm.

1. Delay time , the problem should be repeated communication. We will be the first to pick up the company called A, subcontract after the contract company called B. For example, if your app needs to tweak or modify a small feature now, you need to first communicate with a, negotiate, then A and B to communicate, negotiate, so that time costs doubled (if there are some small conflicts, it is more troublesome), you may lose the opportunity

2. Increase the failure rate , the most serious is the direct result of the project failure, because you communicate with a, assuming a can only understand your 90% demand, then A and B communication, B to a set of requirements can only understand 90%, this is established in good communication under the circumstances. If the communication is not good, then imagine what the final product will look like? What's the difference between the product you want and what you can do? Who will be responsible? Well, the dispute begins now, and if you have an app that is badly needed and the industry is changing particularly fast, then you may lose your business. Because the app is subcontracted, there are a few cases that have resulted in failure.

Summary: so the enterprise should be based on their own situation to choose a certain strength of the app outsourcing company, signed the app outsourcing contract, so as to ensure the delivery on schedule, quality delivery, to avoid the application outsourcing company subcontracting, resulting in app development failure problems.

Article Source: 51 Development App website (app outsourcing unspoken rules secret network

App outsourcing company subcontracting directly leads to development failure!

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