Appcan Mobile Cloud conference launches "Zheng Yi Workshop" to build two large connections

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November 27 The most popular 2015AppCan mobile cloud conference held in Beijing Beichen Intercontinental Hotel. This conference by the positive Mobile, CIO ERA network, Guoheng Smart Mobile Alliance, the National Information Center Information Technology Research Department, China two Fusion advisory Services Alliance to provide academic support, 500 enterprises from all over the country CIO and information technology executives, experts and scholars and mobile entrepreneurs representatives attended the Conference, The scene crowded, unusually hot.

Appcan Mobile Cloud Conference on-site 500 Enterprise Informatization Director attended the event

Zheng Yi Workshop-Mobile internet application innovation and entrepreneurship platform

At this conference, the organizer on behalf of the Mobile Chairman and CEO Wang Guochun delivered a warm speech, and the introduction of the positive family after the appcan of the second brand-Mobile Internet application innovation Start-up platform "Zheng Yi Workshop".

He said the company is moving from the mobile platform technology leader to the mobile ecosystem synergy, the company was founded six years ago, Appcan Mobile development tools and management platform accumulated 800,000 developers, more than 6,000 enterprise users. Appcan successfully became the advocate and leader of the domestic hybrid cross-platform mobile development and enterprise mobile platform.

Deputy Director of National Information Center Syed, deputy director of SASAC Information Center Chen Zhongping and other leaders came to the stage for "Zheng Yi Workshop" unveiled

Now, in the cloud integration, ecological synergy of the industry background, the positive benefits of mobile, the introduction of the vertical field of mobile applications for the online development and ecological platform-the lean workshop. For large enterprises, the company is able to provide reliable mobile technology support, mobile operations services and abundant mobile internet market resources, for developers, entrepreneurs, the main role of the lean Workshop is to help developers quickly business monetization, operations promotion, build a technology sharing and communication platform.

The technology architecture of the Appcan workshop is based on the mobile platform and Appcan mobile cloud platform, which realizes the integration of the cloud, the development and operation of the mobile technology platform support, through the technical operation rules, the enterprise customers and the vast number of developers and entrepreneurs together to create a win-winning ecological synergy, Focus on creating a batch of high-quality enterprise mobile applications. The factory includes Volkswagen workshop, Enterprise workshop, mobile start-up team, mobile project needs, and so on, only a small number of enterprise team and developer team invited to the beta.

customer-centric, building two large connections

At the conference, Wang Guochun also highlighted the two major customer-centric connections, "like traditional internet companies, where positive mobility is an enterprise focused on technology, products and operations; Unlike traditional internet companies, positive mobility is a customer-centric, technology-focused customer offering, Product and operation support, and the common growth and success of customers is a constant business philosophy. ”

To this end, in the new Internet + and innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the big era, Wang Guochun proposed that the positive move with customers, developers and partners to establish a "customer-centric" two major connections, and ultimately achieve a comprehensive Internet enterprise:

First big connection: Enterprise Mobile Internet + platform. Positive move not only oneself in the first try gradually the Internet, will also help customers to achieve internal mobile information and external mobile Internet, connecting enterprise internal work and enterprise external marketing services, the enterprise employees, users, customers and partners organically connected together, from the overall promotion of enterprise management efficiency, For the sustainable development of enterprises to provide a strong impetus.

The second big connection: through the enterprise mobile Internet dual-create platform, developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises to establish a large connection, guide and manage the Enterprise internal mobile Innovation entrepreneurship, but also open up the enterprise outside the innovation and entrepreneurship. Relying on the flexible architecture of the Appcan cloud platform, it is both a lean workshop and a workshop for developers and entrepreneurs, as well as a workshop for large and medium-sized enterprises and partners in mobile Internet application innovation. In the coming year, the company will rely on the positive benefit of the workshop to create an online positive benefit, at the same time in line with customers and the success of the business philosophy, with customers and partners to create belong to customers and partners own workshop.

Enterprise Internet is thousands of enterprises, each enterprise can choose the right breakthrough according to their own characteristics, is the mobile hope is to the cloud integration, development and operation of Appcan Mobile cloud platform technology as the foundation, through two large connections and customers to achieve the real landing of the enterprise Internet transformation and continuous innovation. Appcan Mobile Cloud Conference, the General Assembly of the various trends, the approach of landing methodology, to all participants in the inspiration and thinking has only just begun.

Appcan Mobile Cloud conference launches "Zheng Yi Workshop" to build two large connections

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