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Once the millet bracelet was released, it ushered in two different voices on both sides. There are those who condemn and those who applaud.

A condemned person is a profit-making person, such as an existing smart bracelet manufacturer, an investor, a channel trader, some mobile phone manufacturers who have entered or have already entered the market.

The applause, of course, are numerous users.

As a user, I applaud the pricing of  smart bracelet. As a smart wearable entrepreneur, I also have to applaud the pricing of  smart bracelet.

Why is the bracelet so expensive?

Professional Smart bracelet, the most well-known brand in the existing market is Fitbit,Jawbone,Nike +. Flex In the domestic price is 898,Jawbone up2 in the domestic price is also more than,Jawbone UP24 Price is 1458 , Nike + FuelBand SE is priced at around $.

Besides the foreign Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike +, the domestic professional to do smart hand ring of the body memory, magic Sound,Iwan, Le Cent and other brands, Their prices are also between 799 .

knowing so many smart bracelet prices, we can't help but ask, why are the prices of these wise experts so expensive? But Millet can do it ?

is the cost of the smart bracelet really so low? Yes, the cost of smart bracelet is really low if you just calculate the cost of the hardware. According to the experience of Dai Geke and dozens of smart wearable manufacturers, smart bracelet hardware prices are really not high. The Yuan also has a profit, of course, this profit space must rely on more than 10000pcs of magnitude to support.

As millet, it is clearly not a problem to achieve such magnitude.

in fact, a high-quality smart bracelet is not a piece of hardware to put together. The profit base of the manufacturer, the formulation of the plan, the proofing of the abrasives,the design of the UI , the synchronization of the cloud are all the hidden costs behind the smart bracelet.

So, millet bracelet Price More is the hardware price.

Applaud the pricing of  bracelet

Millet MIUI Development Engineer @ Sun Peng _ Millet said: "Millet bracelet was originally planned to go to the goal, but later found that do not do, mainly for several reasons:1. Standby time Requirements of the day, the use of ultra-low power chips than the other bracelet more expensive 2. Metal plus Laser micro-perforation process, much more expensive than plastic 3. color LED lights, in order to personalize and spend more money. Quality to achieve the highest standards under the premise of the lowest price, is the style of millet.

As Sun Peng said, to ensure the quality of the bracelet, the price must not come down.

But, millet hand ring yuan Price is also good, it is really in line with the user's psychological needs of the hand-ring pricing positioning.

At this stage, a user to buy a smart bracelet of the motives of the following several, one is to experience the smart wearable artifact, the second is who big flow, to let oneself keep up with the rhythm of the society, not outdated, three is to install force, reflect their own tall, of course, there are some other, such as gifts what.

In these categories of people, the first category is the real science and technology enthusiasts, at any time at the forefront of science and technology, belong to the early adopters, the user base changes little. There are a lot of people in the second and third categories, but they are not a group of people who are prone to impulsive consumption, and of course the price is within the scope of psychological tolerance.

Millet Bracelet Pricing is more in line with the second and third groups of people's cock silk psychology.

Smart wearable requires more " bracelet"

The smart wearable market, like any industry in the past, does not exclude high-priced apples, nor does it exclude affordable Chinese manufacturing. As long as it is able to meet the needs of users of smart wearable devices, no matter who it is produced, no matter who launched it, as long as the products are intentions, in line with national laws and regulations of legitimate products, it is qualified products.

Smart wearable market is still in its infancy, need more "millet bracelet" together to open up, so that more users to feel the charm of smart wear.

To make more people feel the charm of intelligent transmission, we need more "millet bracelet" to do popularization. Only people who have used and experienced the benefits of smart wearable devices are likely to be truly acceptable to the user and to use it spontaneously, spreading it.

Smart Wearable is sure to be the future of smart devices, but we need more "bracelet" before the wave of wearable is really coming.

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