Apple doesn't give up on an ipad like a stylus do you want it?

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December 31, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Patent and trademark Office) approved a patent application from Apple in Thursday, which mainly describes a device that can be handwritten on a whiteboard, by means of a gyroscope, wireless communication, and a built-in storage chip. The touch technology on the plane where content is transferred synchronously to the electronic device screen.

Apple Insider, the US-based technology media, said the company's patent application code is 8922530, a "communication stylus" that can be transferred to the electronic device screen via a gyroscope, wireless communication device and a built-in storage chip (communicating STYLUS). Theoretically, since the stylus has a gyroscope built into it, users can even write in the horizontal, vertical, and volley state, while the user writes in real time on the peripheral device screen, including the IPad. In addition, the communication stylus also has a different writing style, such as pens, ballpoint pens and marker pens are available for users to choose from.

It should be pointed out that there are already similar stylus devices available on the market, and Livescribe 3 is one of them. Livescribe 3 is a wireless Bluetooth smart pen that can be really written on paper and synced to IOS smart devices, so that users can display their own handwriting on the corresponding device in real time as long as they write on a specific plane.

There are rumours that Apple will launch an iPad with a larger display screen earlier next year, and that the patented stylus technology is a natural match for the big screen, as it includes the Ink pen and Slide that Adobe has now launched The main pairing device for the digital ruler is a large-screen tablet.

But let's not forget that Apple's late co-founder, Steve Jobs, had openly expressed his disdain for products like stylus pens.

"Who would want a stylus?" The consumer buys the stylus, puts them aside, and even loses them, no one wants a stylus. "That's what Steve Jobs said at the 2007 MAC Conference.

However, in the current situation, Apple seems to be very interested in the introduction of the stylus device, because there have been several times the media has exposed the Apple to apply for a patent touch pen. But it also needs to be pointed out that today's technology companies often apply for a large number of products that may never be available in the future, so we are not sure whether this product will come to us in the future.

Apple doesn't give up on an ipad like a stylus do you want it?

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