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Common Application of the CLI

What is PHP-CLI

PHP-CLI is php Command Line Interface the abbreviation, that is, the PHP command line interface, under Windows and Linux are supported PHP-CLI mode;

Why to use PHP-CLI

    • Multithreaded applications
    • Execute PHP programs regularly
    • Develop desktop programs (use PHP-CLI and GTK packages to develop desktops, but no one will use PHP to write desktop programs)
    • Writing a shell script for PHP

Determine PHP operating mode

PHP runs much more than Apache and CLI, including: Olserver, Apache, Apache2filter, Apache2handler, Caudium, CGI (until PHP 5.3), cgi-fcgi, CLI, Continuity, embed, ISAPI, Litespeed, Milter, Nsapi, phttpd, Pi3web, Roxen, thttpd, Tux, and Webjames.

Php-cli built-in parameters

d:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.8>php-helpusage:php [Options] [-f]
   [--]       [args ...] PHP [Options]-R
   [--] [args ...] PHP [Options] [-B  ]-R [-E  ] [--] [args ...] php [options] [-B  ]-F  [-E  ] [--] [args ...] php [options]--[args ...] php [options]-a-a Run interactively-c  |  Look for php.ini file in this directory-n No php.ini file'll be used-d Foo[=bar] Define INI entry foo with value ' Bar ' -e Generate extended information for debugger/profiler-f  Parse and Execute  . -H This help-i PHP information-l Syntax Check Only (lint)-M Show compiled in Modules-r Run PHPWithout using script tags -B  Run PHP  Before processing input lines-r Run PHPFor every input line-f  Parse and Execute  For every input line-e   Run PHP  after processing all input lines-h Hide any passed arguments from external tools.-S Output HTML syntax highlighted source. -V Version number-w Output Source with stripped comments and whitespace. -Z  Load Zend extension  . args ... Arguments passed to script. Use – args When first argument starts With-or script was read from stdin--ini Show configuration file names--rf name> Show information about function  .--RC  Show information about class  .--re  Show information about extension  .--ri  Show configuration for extension  .                         
    • 运行指定的php文件:
# php /var/www/html/test.phpthis is a php-cli [root@semple html]# php -f 'test.php'this is a php-cli
    • 在命令行直接运行 PHP 代码
D:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.8>php -r "echo 'hello world';"hello world

注意: 在运行这些php代码时没有开始和结束的标记符!加上 -r 参数后,这些标记符是不需要的,加上它们会导致语法错误。

    • 通过标准输入(stdin)提供需要运行的 PHP 代码
// ask for inputfwrite(STDOUT, "Enter your name: ");// get input$name = trim(fgets(STDIN));// write input backfwrite(STDOUT, "Hello, $name!");
D:\wamp\www>php test.phpEnter your name:D:\wamp\www>php test.phpEnter your name: zhouzhouHello, zhouzhou!


print_r($argv); //获取具体的参数;print_r($argc); //获取参数的数目;
D:\wamp\www>php test.php #本身执行的php文件就作为一个参数;Array( [0] => test.php)1D:\wamp\www>php test.php arg1 arg2 arg3 arg4Array( [0] => test.php [1] => arg1 [2] => arg2 [3] => arg3 [4] => arg4)5


D:\wamp\www>php test.php -g group -m module -a ageArray( [g] => group [m] => module [a] => age)



    • 在CI框架中应用
# php /var/www/html/web2/index.php welcome test 这个是在ci里面执行的welcome控制器里面的test方法,后面的以此类推;


$ cd /path/to/project;$ php index.php tools message# Hello John Smith!。
    • 在TP框架中的应用
//如果是CLI模式if(php_sapi_name() === 'cli'){ //检测CLI访问时没有带自定义参数; $path = isset($argv[1]) ? $argv[1] : ''; $depr = '/'; if (!empty($path)) { $params = explode($depr , trim($path , $depr)); } !empty($params) ? $_GET['g'] = array_shift($params) : ""; !empty($params) ? $_GET['m'] = array_shift($params) : ""; !empty($params) ? $_GET['a'] = array_shift($params) : ""; if ($params and count($params) > 1) { // 解析剩余参数 并采用GET方式获取 preg_replace('@(\w+),([^,\/]+)@e' , '$_GET[\'\\1\']="\\2";' , implode(',' , $params)); } /* D:\wamp\www\sx>D:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.8/php cli.php group/module/action/a1/v1/a2/v2 Array ( [g] => group [m] => module [a] => action [a1] => v1 [a2] => v2 ) */ // print_r($_GET); // die;}




string exec ( string $command [, array &$output [, int &$return_var ]] )echo exec('mkdir -p zhouzhou/1/2/3/') ."\n"; //创建目录树echo exec('ls -l',$fileList) ; //本句只能输出最后一条,但如果有第二个参数的话,就可以把输出的结果作为数组元素扔进去;echo "
";print_r($fileList); //把所有ls -l的结果都给了$fileList;echo "


string shell_exec ( string $cmd ) $fileList = shell_exec('ls -l'); //$fileList是一个string格式,就等于linux命令在终端输出的格式,保留了\s\n等换行符


string system ( string $command [, int &$return_var ] )$fileList = system('ls -l') ; //本句只能输出最后一条,但如果有第二个参数的话,就可以把输出的结果作为数组元素扔进去;


void passthru ( string $command [, int &$return_var ] )passthru('ls -l'); //直接执行并输出


resource popen ( string $command , string $mode )/*返回一个和 fopen() 所返回的相同的文件指针,只不过它是单向的(只能用于读或写)并且必须用 pclose() 来关闭。此指针可以用于 fgets(),fgets() 和 fwrite()。 当模式为 'r',返回的文件指针等于命里的 STDOUT,当模式为 'w',返回的文件指针等于命令的 STDIN。如果出错返回 FALSE。 */ $fp = popen('ls -l',"r"); //popen打一个进程通道 while (!feof($fp)) { $out = fgets($fp, 4096); echo $out; //输出的结果和passthru是一样的;不过要循环的取出来; } pclose($fp); 


resource proc_open ( string $cmd , array $descriptorspec , array &$pipes [, string $cwd [, array $env [, array $other_options ]]] )$test = "ls"; $array = array( array("pipe","r"), //标准输入 array("pipe","w"), //标准输出内容 array("pipe","w") //标准输出错误 ); $fp = proc_open($test,$array,$pipes); //打开一个进程通道 echo stream_get_contents($pipes[1]); //为什么是$pipes[1],因为1是输出内容 proc_close($fp); //类似 popen() 函数, 但是 proc_open() 提供了更加强大的控制程序执行的能力。


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