Asp. NET common namespaces and their functional descriptions

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Name Space | Function description
System | Contains the basic types and base classes of the CLR, defines commonly used value types and reference types, events, interfaces, attributes, and exception handling
System.Text |
Contains classes for text processing, implementing different encoding operation text
System.IO |
Operational I/O flow, providing read/write and traversal operations for processing files, directories, and memory streams
System.Windows.Forms |
Contains classes for creating window GUI applications
System.Data |
Various types of internships offered.
system.web |
Base Class Library for implementing ASP. NET Applications and ASP.
System.Xml |
Contains the underlying classes for working with XML documents
System.Collections |
Contains the common collection classes
System.Reflection |
Provides the ability to view the types of program metadata to implement operational assemblies, modules, methods, and so on
System.Threading |
provided based on the. NET developing the standard way of multithreaded application system, including thread, thread pool management and thread synchronization mechanism
System.Diagnostics |
Contains classes that can interact with system processes, time logs, and performance calculators
System.Drawing |
Provides support for GDI + service interface types for manipulating two-dimensional graphics, fonts, and metafile
System.ComponentModel |
Provides implementations based on the. NET of controls and components
System.Net |
Contains types for network traffic and provides programming interfaces for various network protocols
System.Runtime |
Contains several important sub-namespaces
System.Security |
Provides a CLR security system infrastructure to support services such as encryption, security policies, security principles, permissions settings, and certificates
System.EnterpriseServices |
Provides access to COM + services for. NET objects, making. NET Framework objects more suitable for enterprise applications
System.Transactions |
Contains resource management classes to create transactions, making transactional processing simple and efficient

Asp. NET common namespaces and their functional descriptions

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