ASP. NET MVC website Browse in Opera Mobile emulator

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Mobile website, of course, for simplicity, You can also add a suffix to the view in general MVC mobile , shaped like . Probably most people debug such a hand machine stations are debugged with browsers, maybe is OCD, I personally like to see things like cell phones to debug more comfortable, like Android virtual machine, but Opera mobile emulator makes me prefer, here's how to use this Dongdong.

First of all, there must be an installation of opera Mobile emulator, which can be downloaded from its official website.

My local installation is opera_mobile_emulator_12.1_windows .

after installation, add more than one browse mode to VS, create a new project, add an HTML page, right-click to browse mode

Then you can see the following interface

Click Add, and then select the path to install, and then enter the parameters. Browse the way there will be one more ~ ~ ~

Specific parameter configuration, the official website has, the following paste my configuration

Program: "D:\Opera Mobile Emulator\operamobileemu.exe"

Parameter:-windowsize 480x800-ppi 216-profile-name "Samsung Galaxy S II"

Friendly name: Opera Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S II has heard that Samsung should understand ..... This is .....

And then it is.

Select the Opera mobile and Google Chorme that you just added, click Set as Default

You can then browse to see

Haha, this completes the "mobile" on the real-time view of our page.

In addition, if you want to browse our website on Android virtual machine, it is also possible, provided that Your PC has something appropriate to install Android virtual machine.

Here's the point of note for browsing on Android virtual machines.

android is Linux kernel, including Android itself as an operating system, so This is what we entered in the emulator's browser, localhost or represents the android Emulator (Android virtual machine), and not our computer, that's why (this is a pit-_-| |, inertial thinking

on Android, place the address of our local computer map to, so you only need to convert the original localhost or replaced with, You can access the Web resources on the local computer on the emulator.

said to be accessible, but as far as my current test is concerned, only Web sites published on IIS can be browsed. We can not browse our development page in real-time, this makes me very uncomfortable ....

ASP. NET MVC website Browse in Opera Mobile emulator

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