ASP. NET MVC Website Development Summary (v)--ajax Verification code for asynchronous submission Form

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First of all, a question: in the development of the site, the use of verification code to prevent malicious submission of the form, then how to implement when the verification code error, just refresh the verification code, and other filling information does not change?

First of all, why this need: to submit the registration information page, for example, the general registration requires the user to fill in a Verification code information (to prevent malicious machine registration), and this code will be submitted to the background to do the comparison, if the wrong will not check the other submission information and directly return to the browser side prompt Captcha error. If you simply submit the data directly to the specified URLusing the form form, the entire page will inevitably be refreshed once the error message is returned to the browser, which is not what the user wants, Because some of the other correct information needs to be re-filled, which makes the user experience not very good. And this problem can be implemented by using Ajax to submit forms asynchronously. (This is just one solution)

Here's a look at the specific implementation:

Foreground Html code:

<!DOCTYPE HTML Public "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 strict//en" "Http:// "><HTMLxmlns= "">    <Head>        <title>Verification Code of AJAX asynchronous Submission form</title>    </Head>    <Body>        <formAction= "Javascript:ajaxpostdata ()"Method= "POST">        <label>User name:</label>        <inputname= "Account"class= "Form-control"ID= "Account"type= "text"placeholder= "User name"Required= "Required" />        <label>Password:</label>        <inputname= "Password"class= "Form-control"ID= "Password"type= "Password"placeholder= "Password"Required= "Required" />        <label>Verification Code:</label>        <imgID= "Valicode"class= "Validcode"src= "/home/getvalidatecode"alt= "Verification Code"title= "Click to refresh" />        <inputname= "Code"class= "Form-control"ID= "Code"type= "text"placeholder= "Verification Code"Required= "Required" />        <Buttontype= "Submit">Submit</Button>    </form>        <Scriptsrc= "~/scripts/jquery-1.12.1.min.js"></Script>    <Script>        //Refresh Verification Code        functionRefreshvalicode () {document.getElementById ("Valicode"). SRC= "/getvalidatecode?time=" + (NewDate ()). GetTime (); }            functionAjaxpostdata () {varCode=document.getElementById ("Code"). Value; var Account=document.getElementById (" Account"). Value; varPassword=document.getElementById ("Password"). Value; $.ajax ({URL:'/user/register',//destination URL to which the data is submittedType:'Post',//Post mode submissionAsync:true,//Asynchronous Commitdata: {account:account, Password:password, Code:code},//submitted DataSuccess:function(data) {//send a successful callback function                if(data.success) {alert ("Registration failed!"); }                Else{alert ("Registration Successful!"); Refreshvalicode ();//Refresh Verification Codedocument.getElementById ("Code"). Value= "";//Empty input Box}}, Error:function() {alert ("request failed! Please resubmit!");        }            }); }    </Script>    </Body></HTML>
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Note: jquery-1.12.1.min.js need to download references by themselves.

Background C # code:

usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingSystem.Linq;usingsystem.web;usingSYSTEM.WEB.MVC;usingSystem.Web.Security;namespacetest.controllers{ Public classUsercontroller:controller {/// <summary>        ///Register/// </summary>        /// <param name= "code" >Verification Code</param>        /// <returns></returns>[HttpPost] PublicActionResult Register (stringNamestringPasswordstringcode) {            //session["Registercode"] set its value when generating a verification code            if(string. Isnullorwhitespace (code) | | session["Registercode"]. ToString (). ToUpper ()! =code. ToUpper ()) {returnJson (New{success =false}); }            Else            {                //Other operations ...                returnJson (New{success =true}); }                    }    }}
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This knowledge sharing is here, please look forward to the next share. ^_^

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ASP. NET MVC Website Development Summary (v)--ajax Verification code for asynchronous submission Form

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