"Asp.net4 from Beginner to Mastery" study Note 5

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This part, can be said to be the most worthless part of the book, his own author feel did not understand, the introduction of chaos, and the introduction of the unintelligible! This part, just a list of purposes, we recommend that you do not read this part of the content, wasting time and nerve-racking! (Feeling: Always feel the domestic books, looking at more than 500 pages, there is too little gold content, most of the pages are drawn.) Pity me for the money to buy books. )

Part V, Introduction to Advanced Features

The main purpose of this part is to introduce the new technology scheme introduced by ASP, including AJAX,MVC, Dynamic Data, XBAP,SILVERLIGHT,WPF and so on.

The 20th chapter Dynamic Data

21st Chapter WPF

22nd. MVC Framework

23rd Chapter AJAX Framework

24th Chapter Silverlight

Part VI, Deployment and WCF

The 25th Chapter WCF Introduction

Chapter 26th Deployment

Throughout the above chapters, the individual feels that each chapter is a new feature proposed by ASP.NET4, each of which requires specialized learning, and the problem they are addressing is the various unfriendly aspects of the development of the ASP, which Microsoft wants to handle and adjust more uniformly. The description of these parts in the book is rather patchwork, not easy to understand, and suggests reading other specialized books.

The above content, usually only advanced tutorials, will be involved and related to the introduction!

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