Automatic login after "Go" CAS Registration

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1.The introduction of CAS no longer, I would like to involve the SSO students should all understand the framework, we currently use the CAS Server version of, the CAs Client version is 3.1.10.
CAs Project official: Http://
This document describes the process of CAS client-to-server-based smal validation that does not include CAS clients and servers.

2.For logging on to its main processing flow:
after successful registration, call the relevant module of CAS login processing--Authentication user name password--Generate TGT----build TG---add ST&TGT to related Register class, add TG T to Cookie, redirect to Cas/login URL, complete

3.CAS Login Processing main Module (class):
A. Credentials is used to store user login authentication information interface.
Its default implementation class: Org.jasig.cas.authentication.principal.UsernamePasswordCredentials
B. Centralauthenticationservice is used to generate the authentication service class for the ST (service Ticket) and TGT (Ticketgrantingticket).
Its default implementation class: Org.jasig.cas.CentralAuthenticationServiceImpl
C. cookieretrievingcookiegenerator is used to add a TGT to a cookie and to manage cookies.

4.Specific implementation code:

/*** User Register process and automatic login. * @paramuserForm the user information object. * @paramrequest the HttpServletRequest object *@paramresponse the HttpServletResponse object *@returnGet result View*/  protectedModelandview handleuserregisterinternal (Userinfovo userForm, httpservletrequest request, HttpServletResponse Response) {Modelandview Signinview=NewModelandview (Register_view); Final BooleanIsUnique =Userservice.checkuserunique (Userform.getloginname ()); Final Booleanisregistered = IsUnique? RegisterUser (UserForm, request, Response):false; if(isregistered) {Bindticketgrantingticket (Userform.getloginname (), Userform.getloginpassword (), request, Res          Ponse);      Signinview.setviewname (Getsigninview (request)); }      returnSigninview; }  
/*** Invoke Generate validate tickets and add the TGT to cookie. * @paramloginName the user login name. * @paramloginpassword the user login password. * @paramrequest the HttpServletRequest object. * @paramresponse the HttpServletResponse object. */  protected voidBindticketgrantingticket (String loginName, String loginpassword, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse Response) {Try{usernamepasswordcredentials Credentials=Newusernamepasswordcredentials ();          Credentials.setusername (LoginName);          Credentials.setpassword (Loginpassword); String Ticketgrantingticket=Centralauthenticationservice.createticketgrantingticket (credentials);      Ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator.addcookie (Request, response, ticketgrantingticket); } Catch(Ticketexception te) {logger.error ("Validate the login name" + loginName + "failure, can ' t bind the tgt!", TE); } Catch(Exception e) {logger.error ("Bindticketgrantingticket has exception.", E); }  }  
/**   * Get the SignIn view URL.   @param request the HttpServletRequest object.   @return redirect URL   */  protected String Getsigninview (httpservletrequest request) {      = Servletrequestutils.getstringparameter ( Request, "service", "" ")      ; return ("Redirect:login" + (Service.length () > 0?) "? service=" + Service: "));  }

cas-servlet.xml related code:

class= "Com.xxxxx.sso.web.RegisterController"       p:userservice-ref= "UserService"      P: Validator-ref= "Registervalidator"      p:centralauthenticationservice-ref= " Centralauthenticationservice "      p:ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator-ref=" Ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator "/>  

Note: About Centralauthenticationservice and Ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator have been declared in spring-configuration/ Applicationcontext.xml and Ticketgrantingticketcookiegenerator.xml.

Automatic login after "Go" CAS Registration

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