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Content Introduction

Quickly master the technology for developing iOS and OS X applications using AV Foundation if you want to develop a rich-media iOS or OS X application, you can use Apple's AV Foundation framework to achieve many magical features. However, the AV Foundation framework is based on the most cutting-edge language features, extremely large, and less relevant documents; Now, Bob McCune wrote this AV Foundation development cheats--practice mastering Audio-visual processing technology for iOS & OS x applications It's a great way for you to be proficient in mastering these superior technologies. McCune's lively commentary and exciting GitHub sample project has helped thousands of Apple developers discover the beauty of AV Foundation. McCune is based on a wealth of development experience, which allows you to create a practical application that keeps you abreast of relevant technologies. By studying this book, you will create voice memos, custom video players, video editors, and picture/video camera applications that will master all the techniques needed to develop advanced media applications from scratch. Each chapter provides McCune's well-written "challenge" content and complete initial application, giving you a deeper understanding and maximum use of the groundbreaking AV Foundation media framework.
Covered content

Learn how AV Foundation is applied to Apple media environments and each of its core functional areas

add audio playback and recording features to your app

add a richer, more dynamic experience to your video playback capabilities

using AV kit lets programs have a user interface similar to iOS videos and OS X QuickTime Player

use OpenGL ES and core image to develop media capture applications with real-time video processing capabilities

Implementing a custom video player

integrates advanced snapping features such as video scaling, face detection, barcode scanning, and high frame rate capture

Hybrid multi-audio tracks and automatic volume control

Create advanced non-linear, lossless editing applications

Add advanced video editing features, such as video transitions and animation effects

As a translator

Bob McCune is the owner of iOS Consulting and training company Tapharmonic (located in Minnesota State Minneapolis). He has extensive experience in the development of the iphone and ipad, and is familiar with the technical challenges and opportunities involved. McCune currently helps multiple customers develop enterprise-class iOS applications. His Infinite Skills video training course Learning iOS programming has become one of the best iOS training courses in the world. He founded and led the Minnesota Cocoaheads user group.

Part Preface

We are thrilled to see that digital media has undergone a revolutionary change in the last few years. The advent of the iphone and the rise of mobile computing, as well as the development of high-speed networks, have fundamentally changed the habits of people creating, using and sharing digital media. People are no longer confined to watching videos at home. Today's video is rejuvenating and anyone can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Capturing high-resolution, personalized photos is no longer a patent for professional photographers with expensive photographic equipment, and now only needs to be done on iOS devices with a little finger. Filmmakers and musicians used to do the ideal work in a professional studio, but now only needs a laptop or a mobile device. The digital media revolution is happening, but the process is just beginning, and for iOS and OS X, the core technology of this revolution is AV Foundation.
I am honored to have the opportunity to write this book because I think it is a belated professional book. The AV Foundation is used by many of the top apps in the App Store, but this framework is not very well mastered by most developers. Learning the use of AV Foundation framework is challenging. It is a large, high-level framework with many features and functions. AV Foundation Programming Guide Document Although it has been improved over the past year, it is still not perfect enough to simply introduce some superficial concepts about AV Foundation. Apple has given a number of useful sample projects on the ADC, but for beginners it's like pushing someone who hasn't learned to swim into a deep pool.
My goal in writing this book is to make the AV Foundation framework easier to understand. Instead of being an authoritative reference for the AV Foundation framework, this book focuses on the most critical parts of the framework, allowing developers to fully grasp the concept, functionality, and idiom of the framework. We do this step-by-step with a practical sample application, from the simplest voice memo app to the full-featured video editor for imovie like the iOS platform. It is important for me to have a good grasp of these concepts and to let you know how to use AV Foundation to apply it in real-world applications.
in fact, in the early years I would like to launch an AV foundation development cheats Such books, and hope to help everyone on the iOS and OS X platform to develop excellent media applications!
Reader object of the book
This book is intended for Mac or iOS developers who need to learn how to develop digital media applications. We assume that you may not have the experience of developing AV Foundation or media applications, but think that everyone has the experience of developing frameworks, patterns, and concepts under Apple's platform. To be precise, you need to be familiar with the following knowledge:
C and Objective-c: This framework relies on a number of high-level languages and cocoa features, such as the Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), blocks, and key-value observing-related knowledge. You don't need to be a GCD expert, but you should understand the basics of scheduling syntax and scheduling queues. AV Foundation is a objective-c framework, but we often use a framework-supported C language library, especially in advanced scenarios, so you should also have some basic knowledge of C language.
core Animation (optional): AV Foundation is generally an invisible frame, but some Core Animation knowledge is used when rendering video content. Mastering the Core animation framework is not required, but it is helpful.
Draw FRAME (optional): the drawing and rendering framework is often used in advanced use cases, such as quartz, Core Image, Open GL, or OpenGL ES. This book explains how to integrate these technologies, but does not assume that you are aware of the use of these frameworks.

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AV Foundation Development Cheats--practice mastering Audio-visual processing technology for iOS & OS x Applications--Interactive publishing network

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