Back to the mobile phone market Nokia: To borrow the feelings of wealth also have to have a big trick

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For 70后, Gen Y and even the next generation, Nokia is a word that cannot be erased from their life trajectory. Nokia, who was proud of its peers in the mobile phone market, has too many classic models that are well known and used by the public. But in the advent of smart phones, Nokia in the mobile phone business is not very good to seize the opportunity to abandon the most popular Android system, and Microsoft's smartphone operating system together, the eventual loss, only the mobile phone business package sold to Microsoft, and authorized Microsoft to obtain the brand's service life.

In the near term, after the brand authorization expires, Nokia Company regain the brand right of use. Although not operating on its own, but re-authorized to the HMD, but the HMD relationship with Nokia is very close. In the case of the HMD, "the relationship between us is the relationship between the closest and the brothers." The first of its release, Nokia 6, was caught in the turmoil of accumulating feelings. Although Nokia's brand influence is still in the market, but want to stir the wind and cloud in the current smart phone marketplace, no big move really!

Nokia 6 : The return of mixed

Not to mention the other, the Nokia 6 as a first return to the work, it seems to have not done a full market research, still thinking about laurels. Although there are some bright spots, but more is incompatible with the current smartphone market. Is Nokia's pride still not fading?

Nokia 6 is specifically tailored for the Chinese market – it seems to know that domestic people are more stupid than money. From the core processor, the Nokia 6 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4,308-core processor. Such a weak performance of the processor, is generally priced less than six hundred or seven hundred yuan of domestic mobile phones, and the price to 800 yuan will be used Qualcomm Snapdragon Dragon 625 processor. On the processor, Nokia sincerely is not sincere enough.

Fortunately, in other hardware configurations, Nokia 6 has saved some face. 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, main camera 16 million megapixel, front camera 8 million megapixel, fingerprint unlock, dual speaker, 5.5 inch hybrid In-cell screen (IPs technology), 2.5D arc face Corning Glass ... These hardware configurations are a mainstream level. Coupled with a good design and materials, the appearance of the appearance still has a sense of height.

But in any case, the Nokia 6 and the same configuration of domestic mobile phone compared to the price of 1699 yuan is a full higher than the latter nearly thousand yuan. For the fans who have been looking forward to seeing Nokia back in the phone market, no matter how Nokia 6 behaves, it must be the rhythm of buying and buying. But for the vast majority of consumers who have been spoilt by low-priced, high-quality domestic handsets, the Nokia 6 is seen as a "an embroidered case"-respectability, veneer.

Still trying to use the power of emotion, but it really doesn't make sense.

HMD, the brand's new licensing operator for Nokia phones, is not the same as Nokia, but its relationship with Nokia is very close and Nokia 6 's launch means a full restart of Nokia's smartphone business. But the Nokia 6 is not a brilliant performance, so that the industry and the public doubt whether Nokia also want to simply use the power of emotion to "accumulate."

But the head of the HMD does not seem to think so, HMD chief marketing officer in the first Chinese media communication meeting said, "We must not think that this is a bunch of Nokia work in the ' old Nokia," in nostalgia, in memory of the past, not. "But in fact, in the communication meeting, Nokia is still playing" feelings card. " For example, the 2G era Nokia Classic mobile display, old Nokia fans debut, etc., will be the communication will become a true collective nostalgia.

Coupled with the stark contrast between the high pricing of Nokia 6 and the low profile, Nokia's desire to "amass wealth" with the power of sentiment is already a foregone certainty. But the reality is that the current smartphone market is far from the era of Nokia's own hegemony, too many giants exist and the situation is more complicated. Miss the high-speed growth stage of the Nokia, want to rely on feelings on the full blood resurrection is really too difficult.

A big trick? What the market wants is Nokia's heart.

It is possible that HMD and Nokia themselves are embarrassed by the first return to Nokia 6, which has made it clear that new products will be available on February 26. In terms of the current exposure, this new product will be the flagship, named Nokia 8. And will be divided into two versions, of which the high version with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Dragon 835 processor, the normal version will be equipped with the Dragon 821 processor. In terms of price, NOKIA8 will be positioned at 3999 yuan.

If that's the price, it means that Nokia has put itself in the right place. It is cheaper than the flagship models of Apple and Samsung, and more expensive than the flagship models of the regular domestic handset makers. Although the price is not low, but at least not the Nokia 6 as high. If this is Nokia's big move, coupled with the sentiment of the push, perhaps it can really be expected to occupy a place in the current smart phone market. (new discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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Back to the mobile phone market Nokia: To borrow the feelings of wealth also have to have a big trick

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