Backend code agriculture Talk Front end (CSS) First lesson: CSS Overview

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First, starting from the role of a browser

Acting as a browser is a significant part of head First's book. But the author forgot to tell us to play the browser Heiwadai Honkan. Let's start from here.

The WebKit kernel renders HTML and CSS flowcharts. From this graph we can know the following key information:

  1. The parsing process of HTML and the parsing process of CSS are done independently. HTML is parsed into a DOM tree, and CSS is parsed into a style rule.
  2. After parsing, HTML and CSS are combined to form a view and then be drawn. Show.
Second, guide map

Map is the list of the series of articles, to a certain extent, referring to Mr. Wang Fu Bung's "Learning css ideas." Iii. Conceptual Literacy (yes, this is the knowledge point that occurs before the body.) )

1, rules: CSS rules are composed of selectors, and one or more two parts of the declaration.

2. Selectors: Selectors are usually HTML elements that you need to change the style.

3. Declaration: The Declaration is the style you want to set (each declaration consists of an attribute and a value).

4. Properties: Properties are the style attributes that you want to set (each property has a value, and the property and value are separated by colons).

Backend code agriculture Talk Front end (CSS) First lesson: CSS Overview

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