"Baidu ar" "Android" Demo Project use notes

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"Baidu ar" "Android" Demo project using the demo project acquisition and precautions
    1. Baidu AR platform Address: https://ar.baidu.com/testapply
    2. Technical Document Address: Https://ai.baidu.com/docs#/DuMixAR-Android-SDK/top
    3. AR Content Management Address: https://dumix.baidu.com/content
    4. Sdk:https://ai.baidu.com/sdk#ar
    5. Note: First register Baidu account, choose free Trial can
Running Configuration of Demo project

Note: After the resource bundle upload is submitted, there is an audit that can be operated on its own. Click "Process", go to the review page and click "Audit Pass" to

    1. Monocular Slam configuration Tutorial: http://ai.baidu.com/forum/topic/show/496534

    2. Image tracking configuration, space positioning (IMU) similar to Monocular slam
    3. Cloud Recognition: Please upload the Cloudir.zip resource bundle in the group file.
    4. Local identification configuration: Please upload the Cloudir.zip resource bundle in the group file, the AR key according to the project details, and the value of AR type to fill in the demo project code details see:

Note: Local recognition is effective, but comparing the local recognition discovery parameters for iOS is different. In the implementation of the principle of functional priority to achieve functional effects. Please be aware of any changes in the local identification parameters later.

    1. Monocular slam

    1. Picture tracking

    1. Space Positioning (IMU)

    2. Local identification (Resource bundle see: Cloudir.zip)

    3. Cloud Identification (Resource bundle see: Cloudir.zip)

    4. Speech recognition

    5. Speech synthesis

Operating Performance parameters

APK Pack: 8.1M

    1. Monocular slam

    2. Picture tracking

    3. Space positioning

    4. Cloud recognition

    5. Speech recognition

    6. Speech synthesis

    7. Local identification

      CUP:20%~44% 运行稳定值25%内存:200M ~270M 运行稳定值210M

Thanks to @xq for his strong support

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"Baidu ar" "Android" Demo Project use notes

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