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Number 10.23th, Baidu published a link to the algorithm update report, "Super Chain Cheat Algorithm Upgrade", inside introduced the Baidu about the rubbish link some introduction, but in 25th night, in the group also already had many friends to say own website is k, also or is to be lowered the right, one after the other, the outside chain algorithm should be in effect, This article, from Baidu link punishment high pressure outside the link to go, talk about the recent months of the link event bar, also want to give yourself some information on the link, in the future, we should do outside the chain.

First: Some large number of links to the purchase of the road has been closed

In fact, from June to now, there are many sites have purchased a link to the site, but these sites can no longer have the weight, in addition to their own brand name, other keywords ranking has no place to say, example is the wheat bag, we look at the following screenshot


I believe that the MAI bag as a veteran link-driven site, from a long time ago, has driven a lot of seoer blood, after all, so many keywords ranking, so that many people are excited, but to date recently several updates, the other main domain name of the wheat bag has disappeared in the end of the key word has been ranked, Have to say that when through a large number of purchase links, it is true that Baidu's attention, but also very easy to become the target of criticism, of course, this goes on, certainly Baidu can not tolerate.

Below, the author again to say, a few days ago the right to drop the disc of the People's Network, remember in the cloud platform was displayed on the disc of the People's network was reported to buy black chain, and then to obtain a large number of Baidu audio and video keyword rankings, and then be reported, and then Baidu artificially disposed of, to the current position of the situation is so, we look at Baidu weight value, the following figure


Like the wheat bag, basically, only the ranking of the brand words is left, this is also a large number of purchase links to a kind of, but the dish name Net was reported, where the purchase of links belong to the black chain, since being a lot of friends concerned, then Baidu must not ignore, so there is the right to drop things.

In fact, from these two examples can also see the following points, the author summed up is: the rational establishment of the chain is a way, when a large number of purchases outside the chain, it is easy to be the vast number of webmaster awareness, when a well-known report, under a lot of evidence is difficult to get rid of the right, under this, Black chain must not try, since the dish of the People's network has been reported successful, then if you buy a link by your competitors found after a small report, and then affixed to the evidence map, you maintain the existing ranking of the site; link, buy more than you do, After all, too many links are easy to get themselves into the situation to be handled by the link, do content, links now in Baidu seems to be far from the second.

Second: The spread of the outside chain of the road will be slowly eliminated


The above picture is the outside chain way that Baidu Stern blows, these ways to believe that the webmaster has been deeply rooted, after all, these links are too familiar with the way, these links, whether it is a large number of stations set up, import links, these links, we need to build a blog, as well as the exchange of friendship links, These are all we can not lack before, but now these outside the chain of the road also as far as possible to reduce, specifically, the author is this idea:

A forum signature outside the chain can not be more than flooding, in many SEO forums, are directly reply to the water paste, "top", "Thank you to share" and so on, leaving a link, but this link will not be too much, after all, Baidu's eyes, these are slowly also can only guide the entrance, for the weight is too much help, Because the outside chain of the forum is one of the flood-type outside chain, we should slowly reduce.

b Brush virtual Outside the chain, brush collection, brush sharing, and so on the link, once the author also brush on Taobao share, brush the collection, but found that a short time to improve the number of shares, but finally let Baidu lost trust, because the ups and downs is too obvious, and virtual outside the chain, is the brush link exposure, This link exposure is also a short period of time, for today's Baidu, if not a stable outside the chain, other links will not be too big effect. There's another one, brush click, brush rank, can imagine before Taobao has a business, that is to ensure that the first page within a few days, listen to a friend said to use a click to brush up, but since Baidu upgraded the URL way, this way is also slowly eliminated, because these URLs with too many parameters, It's easy to see your cheating, for cheating, Baidu, you know.

Chain Overflow Road, it is easy to be used by our advertising webmaster, today in the SEO group, a friend said, a lot of seoer are brought close to the chain such a big pit, the company's one-month salary is not to let you send out the chain, if you need to direct pig on the chain to find some people hair is, but since being brought into the pit after , was deeply faith, and then caused the Internet's atmosphere so rampant, SEO is not just outside the chain can be replaced, more is needed in the right place and the right outside the chain.

Finally: what kind of outside chain is the most we need

I think, a page for users useful outside the chain is what we need to make the chain, a page what kind of outside the chain useful? Think about this problem, slowly you will expand the idea, and then found that the original is so, in the author's eyes, in short is I like this, in the SEO site, Appear and SEO-related information, such as the following figure is a webmaster net article plus the right related article screenshot


These recommended articles are created to correspond to the title of the article, from this we can see, in this title "Google Analytics and Baidu Statistical Principle analysis", split, is "Google", "Baidu", "statistics" and so on knowledge, and then in several pieces of recommended articles, Each occurrence of these keywords, so that users can be noticed, such a recommendation can give us a little reminder, because this link is what we need, because and the subject is relevant, you can have a certain number of clicks. So, a summary of

A) The external chain maintains relevance to this web page, specific can refer to Cnzz cloud Search, or no find article generation tools, because these articles are based on the theme generated by the page and have a certain degree of relevance, only when the link and this page is related to the time, you may have users to click, so say, When you publish a large number of signatures in the forum, there is very little user clicks, because these are not related to the topic.

(b) Chain propaganda and the site itself linked, I always feel that the chain this way, we have too many choices, because your site is a chain platform, each content can bring you enough traffic, so, if you want to promote the site, you should start from each article, To promote their own articles and content, only when the content is valued, this domain name can be taken seriously, the natural chain is formed, so if you are still in other ways to build the chain, you should try to use their content to attract the right people to communicate and promote.

Well above, is the author of several suggestions for the high pressure of Baidu chain, Baidu link punishment under the high pressure outside the chain of what to do, the chain will always be in, the right to do, always more than the overflow to do too much, efforts, the system of home owners,, Hearts to build, After this update, I feel more important content.

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