Balance advantages and disadvantages server leasing and hosting prices

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Server hosting is a server owned by the customer and placed in an Internet Data Center, maintained by the customer, or remotely maintained by other contractors.

The biggest obstacle to server Leasing: Service

The benefits of directly renting servers in an IDC room are convenience and low price. We know that most servers are purchased and installed with systems and software. After debugging is passed, they will eventually be placed in the IDC room, it is easier to directly rent servers in the IDC room. Think about it. If the data center is not far from the user's location, you can just drive your car or take a bus. However, if the data center is far away from the user's location, it will be troublesome to run it. There are very few data center resources, especially in the Southwest China and northwest China. users in those regions use their own servers for hosting.

However, there are also some problems with renting an IDC server.

In most cases, users cannot see what their own servers look like. Some of the more honest carrier channels tell customers what brand and model their servers are. However, there will also be a very small number of IDCs that use self-assembled servers as rental services to reduce costs, so what users can do is to provide simple server configuration materials, as for the brand of the motherboard or even the motherboard chip, these can be viewed only when the user remotely manages the server.

The biggest obstacle to server hosting: Price

Now, with the decrease in server costs, most of the professional customers and major customers have changed to purchasing equipment and hosting them by themselves, because the advantages of Self-purchasing are obvious.

The price of assembling a server in your own way, even half of the new parts and half of the second-hand parts, will not be too high. If you want high performance, the user has to make enough money to purchase the service. In addition, some users may use special operating systems and software, or need to place a large amount of data on the server hard disk in advance, these operations are not very convenient to remotely control the servers in the data center. Generally, the servers are debugged or copied before being hosted in the data center. Of course, the most important problem with hosting servers is that the price is too high and suitable for webmasters or enterprises with high requirements for servers.

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