Basic Framework Structure of Linux

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Basic Framework Structure of Linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following section. The most attractive part of Linux is the open source code. People who like programs can download the Linux source code for free and freely modify and add functions. Make full use of your abilities. Linux open source should exactly refer

Linux Kernel and software that follows the gun gpl (Gun is a free software organization, gpl general public license. Such as Red Hat Linux, Red Flag Linux, and Suse Linux. They are release editions, including Kernel, X window KDE, or Gnome desktop and many applications.

All Linux distributions of Linux Kernel are based on the same Kernel, that is, Linus Torvalds of the University of Helsinki in Finland developed based on Unix. Linux Kernel provides five functions of the OS: process management, file management, device management, storage management, and job management. Is required as an operating system.

X window provides the lowest layer function for your GUI (Graphic User Interface.

KDE or GNOME Desktop provides a graphical operation interface on X window.

Applications are divided into applications built on KDE or Gnome and applications built on Shell.

You do not need to install X window, KDE, or gnome gui. Linux can also perform various operations. Linux commands under Shell are quite rich. I personally think that the charm of Linux should be: Open Source and rich and powerful commands.

When installing Linux, you can choose not X window, KDE, or gnome gui, or install it later. If X window, KDE, and GNOME are not installed in Linux, install them later. Install X window to configure X window, and then install KDE or GNOME.
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