Basic knowledge of Web pages

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The basic concept of Web page: Www:world, Wide, the abbreviation of the Web; web pages can contain news, images, animations, sounds, 3D worlds and so on, and we can access information from anywhere in the world by connecting with the Web.

TCP/IP protocol: There are various types of computers in the world, these different machines to communicate with each other, there must be a unified standard, TCP/IP protocol is currently being respected by all aspects of the internet industry standards;

IP Address: Each address identifies a computer on the Internet; IPV4: According to the TCP/IP protocol, machines on the internet have a 32-bit binary number, dividing them into four parts, and converting them to decimal numbers, which is the IP address we often say; permanent IP address, Dynamic IP Address:

URL: Describes all the information required for a Web browser to request and display a particular resource, including the transport protocol used, the host m name of the Web service provider, the path name and file name of the HTML document on the remote host, and the port number used by the client when connecting with the remote host. Example:

DNS: To facilitate memory, TCP/IP provides a domain Name system, If the domain name of is, the domain name and IP address are the identity of the computer on the Internet, when using the domain name to access a machine, the domain name server translates the domain name to the IP address.

HTML Basics: Basic structure:

<title> Facing the Sea </title>


<p align= "Left" > I was facing the sea .... </p>



Basic knowledge of Web pages

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