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Beautifying Chinese is displayed under linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. First copy the,, and tahoma fonts from windows ~ /. Fonts/directory

Cp/path/to/WINDOWS/Fonts/sim *, tahoma * --> ~ /. Fonts/

Write the configurations later in this article ~ /. Fonts. conf.

Simple explanation:
The first part is to reset all Chinese characters earlier than the 12th to the 12th. That is to say, when reading a webpage, if the source code requires Chinese characters earlier than the 12th, it will be adjusted to 12. The effect here is obvious to me. The Font before the adjustment is too small and a little fuzzy when I look at sina. It will be much clearer after the adjustment, which is basically the same as the effect in windows.

The second part is to adjust the font of the corresponding English letters in the. Here we set it to tahoma. If this is not done, the English letters will be ugly. However, I don't understand why there is no such problem in windows.

The third part is to use tahoma, wenquanyi, and simsun to display all specified sans-serif (unlined) fonts. If you see different Chinese Characters in different sizes and are ugly when you browse some Chinese webpages, you should add this sentence. (The reason is that Japanese or Korean fonts are used)


Ar pl ShanHeiSun Uni
Ar pl SenKai Uni
Ar pl New branch







Wenquanyi bitmap song

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