Begin with the final -- [Asp. Net], -- [Asp. Net]

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Begin with the final -- [Asp. Net], -- [Asp. Net]

Asp. Net, the eldest brother of Tian bang, has finally come to an end. It has recorded more than 100 sets of videos and has not crashed. I am very impressed to tell you with the fun.

All the things I learned are very basic and easy to understand. I started to think that the only weakness of my eldest brother is that my knowledge is scattered. However, I found a box in the contents of this book.

Still very logical. My eldest brother often emphasizes that I won't let you easily get the source code ......, What I got with a little effort is indeed very deep

It is also the process of turning others' things into their own things.

The following is my summary of the knowledge points. Nearly 2/5 of the previous sections are about the basics and object-oriented knowledge. The rest is about Asp. the use of the. Net Control finally talked about several objects in some databases in about 20 sets, as well as the knowledge of abstract classes and interfaces, which is roughly the same in the macro sense.


Let's briefly talk about the built-in objects, which are quite common.

Built-in Object Name

Function Description


Used to operate the entire page


Output Information to the browser


Obtain browser Information


Provide some server attributes and Methods


Sharing global information between multiple calls and requests


Used to store session information of a specific user


Set or obtain cookie Information

Asp. net, the control knows little, and the control can achieve little effect; after learning, we can see a more colorful web side, the original has so many user-friendly features. For example, the calendar control can display special dates. The ad control is not as complicated as imagined, but only the image switching and the use of xml; FileUpload can upload multiple files; imageMap can be used to create image hotspots. Tables are not only static, but also can be dynamically created. Wizard encapsulates all user login operations and is very practical. Repeater, web Container Control, you can create a custom list from any available data on the page. Theme and skin replacement is also very simple, just the conversion of css styles ......

Of course, the learned controls are only Asp. net, but for Asp. net learning cannot stop here, and WCF, Linq, Ajax, data security encryption, MVC, and so on are all Asp. net member. Asp. Net video has come to an end. Let's start from the end and continue learning later. Come on!

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