Bmob Mobile back-end cloud service platform--android from scratch-(i) What is Bmob

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Bmob Mobile back-end cloud service platform--android from scratch-(i) what is Bmob

In the formal development of the project, the single client does not meet our needs, we need to implement the client-server connection. While writing the Android server code, there are often many problems that plague us. The question is, how can we implement our complicated process in a simple way? The Bmob Mobile backend service platform has created a good backend platform for us. Let's learn and learn bmob together.

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Since its inception in April 2012, Bmob has been completely free of charge for all functions and services. Over the past three years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in transport and peacekeeping services to ensure that all data are safe and stable.

At the system deployment architecture level, BMOB uses multi-tenant virtualization technology in the cloud, in addition to traditional 7-tier load balancing, to ensure that applications are completely isolated, that is, any change in one of these applications does not affect the normal operation of other applications. In addition, there are three disaster recovery backups. At the software architecture level, BMOB provides security controls at the application level, table hierarchy, ACL, and role four levels.

Bmob has the following features and benefits:
first, Data Services1. Rich data type, more freeBmob non-modal (Schema-free) object storage, Bmob provides rich data types, including string (string), number (numeric, including integers and floating-point numbers), Boolean (Boolean), date (date), file (files), Geopoint (geographic location), array (array), object, and so on.
2. Data manipulation, more simpleBmob provides an integrated visual background, data operation is simple and convenient, adding and removing changes to the cloud synchronization. Offline data manipulation, flexible response to user network instability, in addition to support multi-table association processing, data processing, as well as localized data caching operations to make data access faster.
3. More flexibility in cloud codefor some complex applications, you might prefer to have some control over your business logic, and Bmob cloud code gives you the flexibility to run your code directly on the Bmob cloud, and once you've updated your code in the cloud, all mobile apps will be automatically updated immediately. The release of new features will become more simple and manageable.
4. With timed tasks, more convenienta gold partner in cloud code that automates cloud code based on a given point in time or at a given time interval. Through this function you can achieve similar to the timing of the calculation of the leaderboard, timed to open a user's permission, such as the need for easy operation.
5. Unlimited customization More Lovebmob Public Cloud users can enjoy unlimited data storage and unlimited API requests, allowing small and medium-sized developers to use it with ease. In addition, customized private cloud services are available to meet your individual needs as long as there is demand, and more VIP privileges are available at any time.
6. Or Platform SDK support, more convenientBmob provides full Platform SDK support, only a cloud database, can realize multi-platform data sharing, cloud update, the real-time synchronization.

Second, the document service1. Upload Download AccelerationBmob can receive user requests according to the nearest principle, shorten the network transmission and wait time of uploading and downloading, thus effectively improve the speed of uploading and downloading.
2. Rich image processingWith the Bmob image processing interface, you can use rich image processing services, greatly reduce bandwidth consumption and improve development efficiency. Image processing is now supported: thumbnail, watermark, crop, rotate, adjust picture quality, picture format conversion, one operation, multi-platform synchronization.
3. Security and stabilityBmob Front-end node uses LVS for disaster tolerance and load balancing, and the data center monitoring system unifies the computer room to ensure the normal and stable operation of the service.
4. Infinite Space Systemat the same time, Bmob supports image and video files without limit storage, and individual developers can enjoy unlimited storage space.

third, push service1. Precision delivery, one stepCross-platform: multi-platform customized push, can choose on-demand push to Android customers or iOS customers;
LBS: According to the user's geographical location to carry forward the quasi-push;
2. Flexible push modeBroadcast push: Sends a broadcast message to a registered user.
Multicast push: Sets the channel groupings for users based on attributes and sends them to group users.
Multicast push: Set query conditions freely, such as pushing to inactive users to increase user activity.
3. Push messages in various formsnotification: Push text content is displayed directly in the user's notification bar.
Custom message: Push custom message content through to app processing.
Rich media: Pushes pre-edited and illustrated HTML page content.
4. Higher performance, industry-leadingmore advanced: The Cloud and the end of the use of websocket to establish a long connection, real-time fast push messages to reach the client;
More savings: Compared with the industry, Bmob directly integrated in the SDK push is more energy-saving and less traffic;
Stronger: 1 long connections only consume <10kb memory, 32GB single-machine can support 3 million terminal long connection;
Faster: 1 million messages seconds push arrives terminal, concurrency high, fast stable.

Iv. expansion of services1. Customize your app's websiteCustom domain name: Good remember funny, you decide;
Multi-template selection: Many templates you pick, there is always a suitable for you!
SEO optimization: Wine is also afraid of Deep alley, set good keywords, seo optimization to help you easily on the headlines.
2. Advertising revenue OptimizationWith the industry advertising companies, both developers will also get more concessions, such as lower development costs, more value-added services, faster audit speed, the application of the market's recommendation, higher advertising revenue, but also enjoy one-to-one VIP customer service, instantly become tall and handsome.
3. Test, reinforcement, one-stop serviceBmob and Bang Bang security, testin and other industry partners, is committed to providing developers with a one-stop service solutions, you can enjoy more efficient reinforcement services, more models, performance and other testing authority, one-stop service constantly integrated, surprises continue.
4. Version ManagementAPI update? You don't have to worry, Bmob provides version management features that help you automatically update your app version, you don't need to interrupt your app's development process, you can easily upgrade your app, and save your API for you.

Bmob Mobile back-end cloud service platform--android from scratch-(i) What is Bmob

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