Brief introduction of Symfony core class

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This paper mainly introduces the core class of Symfony, analyzes the core class, organization structure and corresponding function of symfony simply. Need friends can refer to, hope to help you.

Specific as follows:

The core class of Symfony

Symfony's MVC approach uses some of the classes you'll often encounter later.

1. Sfcontroller is the controller, he decodes the request and is specifically handed to the action (action)

2. Sfrequest stores all the request elements (parameters, Cookies, header information, etc.)

3. Sfresponse contains the response header information and content, these are the things that will eventually be converted to HTML and sent to the user

4. A context (obtained through sfcontext::getinstance ()) holds references and existing configuration information for all core objects, which can be accessed from anywhere.

As you can see, all symfony classes use the SF prefix, which avoids conflicts with your own classes or variables, and makes the class of the core framework easy to identify.

Organization of the Code

You already know the different compositions of the Symfony application, but may not yet know how he is organized.

Project structure: Applications, modules and actions

In Symfony, a project is a set of services and operations under a domain name, and they share the object model.

A project is made up of multiple applications, one with multiple modules, and one module that can contain multiple actions.

Project Structure diagram:

The structure and description of root tree of Symfony


Contains the application of the project, one application corresponding to a folder


that contains the command line execution or dispatch. PHP Code


cache folder, requires 777 permissions


Save the basic configuration of the project


A data file that holds the project, such as the database structure, creating a data table SQL files, or SQLite database files, etc.


Store project documents, including your own documents and PHPDOC the resulting document


Data model


log folder, requires 777 permissions


Plugins installed in the app


involves unit and commonality test


the root of the WEB service

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