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today, we rely on an increasing number of online services. We have to set a password for every online service we register, so we have to remember hundreds of passwords. This makes it easy for everyone to forget the password. So, the following will be introduced in this article for you keeweb,keeweb is a Linux password manager, you can safely store all passwords offline or online.

when talking about Linux Password Manager, we will find that there are a lot of such software. We have discussed the password manager such as Keepass and Encryptr, a password manager based on the 0 knowledge system, Linuxandubuntu. Keeweb is another Linux password manager that we'll be explaining in this article.

Keeweb password can be stored offline or online

The Keeweb is a cross-platform password manager. It can store all your passwords offline and sync to your own cloud storage services, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Keeweb does not have it to provide its own online database to synchronize your passwords.

you want to use Keeweb Connect to your online storage service, just click "More" in the interface and then click on the service you want to use.

Now, Keeweb will prompt you to log in to your cloud disk. After the login is successful, give keeweb authorization to use your account.

Use Keeweb Storing passwords

Use Keeweb storing your password is very easy. You can use a complex password to encrypt your password file. Keeweb also allows you to use a secret key file to lock the password file, but this is not recommended here. If a guy gets your key file, he just needs a simple click to unlock your password file.

Create password

to create a new password, you simply click on the + sign and you will see all the input boxes that need to be populated. Create more password records based on your needs.

Search password

Keeweb has an icon library so you can easily find a variety of specific password records. You can change the color of the icons, download more icons, and even import icons directly from your computer. This is very unusual for password search.

Passwords for similar services can be grouped so that you can find them in a folder. You can also label your passwords and store them in different categories.


If you like a bright theme like white or High contrast, you can change it in Settings > General > Themes. (Keeweb) There are four themes to choose from, two of which are dark and the other two are bright colors.

don't like Linux Password Manager? Then there are two other Linux password managers, Keepass and encryptr, with some arguments about them on Reddit and other social media. Some people oppose the use of any password manager, and others hold the opposite opinion. In this article, the brother even wants to clarify that it is our own responsibility to store the password file. I think password managers like KeePass and keeweb are very useful because they don't have their own cloud to store your passwords. These password managers create a file that you can then store on your hard disk, or use an app like VeraCrypt to encrypt it. I personally do not use or recommend the use of services that store passwords in their own databases.

"Brother even It technology exchange sharing" Keeweb-linux's password manager

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