Build a WEB server abroad-Linode VPS

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Build a WEB server abroad-Linode VPS

Buy a virtual server (VPS), put your site on top of the run, find the feeling, usually can also use it to practice. A few days ago, the search to someone recommended Linode VPS, yesterday, a friend asked me to use Linode, so I bought a copy to give you a test. If your site users mainly from abroad, Linode such a server is a good choice.

Note: Linode is a foreign service provider, want to purchase need to use credit card, credit card payment does not require a password, determined will be paid immediately. Also, after all, the server is abroad, and sometimes it will be blocked. So, be cautious about buying. Oh, and if you choose to pay monthly, you will be automatically deducted every month.


To fill in a whole bunch, here's an explanation of each option.

Basic information
    • Username (username): The user name to use when logging on to Linode to manage your own virtual server.
    • Password (password): the password that is used when you log on to Linode to manage your own server.
    • e-mail address: The email address used to receive the reminder email and retrieve the password.
    • How do you hear about us? (Where did you hear about our land?) ): Write casually, such as from
Billing information
    • Company Name: Can not be filled out.
    • Billing First Name (the name on the bill): If you need Linode to send you a bill, your name appears on it. Like dragons.
    • Billing Last name (surname on the bill): If you need Linode to send you a bill, your last name will be shown above. Like Lee.
    • Billing Address: The address you would like to send the bill to. For example, No. 38th, Shun Geng Road.
    • Billing Address 2 (alternate billing): No need to fill in.
    • Billing City (Billing): Your city. such as Jinan.
    • Billing State (Bill Province): The province in which you are located. such as Shandong.
    • Billing Zip/postal Code: Postcode. Like 250000.
    • Billing Country: Your country, like China.
Credit card Payment
    • Credit card number: Your credit card number, you can use a Visa or Mastercard type of credit card. Like (Don't tell you, hehe)
    • Expiration date (expiry time): Your credit card expires. This expiration date can be found on the credit card.
    • CVV (Security Code): usually on the back of the credit card, there is a set of three digits.
Select Plan

Select your plan: Choose the VPS plan you want to buy, or the model of the VPS, the price of different plans are not the same, listed above, note that the above price unit is the United States dollar, and is the monthly price. The lowest current is $20 for one months.

Payment Terms

Payment term (Payment terms): Select you need to be paid monthly, annual pay, and two years to pay. Monthly to month (monthly payment), automatically deducted from your credit card every month. Months (10% discount), annual payment, with a 10% discount. Months (15% discount), buy for two years, with a 15% discount. I suggest choosing a monthly payment.

Additional services

Linode Managed (Linode Management): A service provided by Linode to assist you in managing your server, which costs $100 per server each month. I suggest that you do not check this service first.

    • Referral Code (recommended code): Optional. If you know what it is, fill it out and don't know it.
    • Promotion Code (promo codes): Optional. If you find a promo code, you can have a certain discount.

When you are finished, click Continue (Continue). Complete!

Select the data center where the server resides

After registration, will immediately open the server for you, the first step is to let you choose to place the server in the Linode of the data center, in this address (, you can test which data center to connect more quickly. In general, we are in the domestic, connected to Tokyo, which is the data center is relatively fast, but I found in the test, many IP addresses were blocked by F, in addition, I heard that the Fremont data center of many IP addresses have been blocked. :)

    • Tokyo, JP Japan
    • London, London, UK
    • Newark, NJ USA Newark
    • Atlanta, GA Atlanta, USA
    • Dallas, TX USA Dallas
    • Fremont, CA United States Fremont

To use which data center, click Choose (Select) under Place this Linode here (put here).

Deploying servers

The virtual server (VPS) and the real server is no different, you need to install the system above, configure the environment. Linode makes this job very simple, after the first login, you will be prompted to Rebuild (rebuild), distribution, choose the Linux system you want to use, Deployment disk size, allocate the size of the disk, Swap disk, left as the default Of the three MB on the line, Root Password, super Administrator password, you can use the username Root, plus you set the password to manage your server. When you're done, click Rebuild to rebuild.

This way Linode will install the system to your server, using SSH login to your server, you can configure the required environment.

If you want to install the WEB environment manually, in Rebuild, you can click Deploying using stackscripts, use Platform scripting deployment, Linode community members contribute some good configuration, choose these configurations to deploy your server, When you're done, you'll have a configured WEB server or other type of server. Very, very convenient.

As shown below, I chose a WordPress platform script to deploy the server, so I can run WordPress or a type of PHP program directly on the server (such as Joomla, Drupal).

When you're done, go back to Dashboard (dashboard), select a server profile, click Boot, so you can manage your service.

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