Build your own Web pages with GitHub pages, the easiest way to do it for beginners

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I self-study front-end one months, write a few web pages want to apply for, online search all kinds of ways to build a website, found not to charge is very troublesome. Finally Huang Tian not negative, let me find the GitHub pages, not only free, but also very convenient!!

As a result, I started to search GitHub pages to build the site, and found that basically all sorts of ways to build a personal blog, and finally find a Web page about the production of their own, but also found to learn how to use git ... A bunch of code makes people really uncomfortable. So I started researching GitHub pages and finally let me find the easiest way! Here I will share to you, but also hope that the front-end like me no longer detours.

1. First you have to have a Web file you've written.

2. Need to register an account with GitHub

Go to the top right corner of the link and click Sign up to enter the registration page to start.

After completing the user name, email, password, click on the Create a account below to complete the registration.

3. Create a personal site on GitHub

Log in to your GitHub account, then click the plus sign in the top right corner of the page and click New Repository

Enter your repository name, then the small tick below, then you can click on the green below to create

Open sitting in the warehouse

Under Sitting, click the Launch Automatic page Generator button. Then click on the lower right corner green continue to layouts

Go to the Style selection screen, just choose one on the line, and then click Publish Page, no impact on the back, after all, we are to upload their own web pages.

After the page will automatically jump back to our warehouse interface, when we point sitting, at the head can see a link, this is our successful creation of the site, of course, this is not the site we want.

4. Download GitHub for Windows

because the official web download is really turtle speed, here I give everyone to paste an offline package address, decompression can use, or you can self-Baidu "GitHub for Windows Offline installation package".

After decompression run Github.exe, and then login to their GitHub account, click on the upper left corner to select clone, and then select their own account under the previous creation of the warehouse, then click on the bottom of the confirmation, confirm the completion of the same time to select the path you want to clone, I was selected in the E-disk github file Inside the clamp.

When you're done, click Master on the GitHub desktop and switch it to gh-pages

When we're done, we'll open the corresponding address of the clone repository in My computer, and we should see this.

Delete them all, and then copy all of the Web pages we've created.

Back to the previous GitHub desktop version, you will find that the warehouse has changed, if not change can point to the left of their own warehouse under the tutorial and then point back, and then quit the re-enter. After the change in the following summary to their own project random name, then found the following commit to Gh-pages can click, click on it.

When you're done, wait a moment and click Sync on the top right corner of the client when the 0 changes is displayed.

After a while, you can log in to the Web page to see if the files you made are uploaded. When viewing online, remember to switch branch from master to Gh-pages. Before you log in, the link shown in sitting is not the one we made before?

Here I also hope that all the same as I first into the front of the people can be more and more good, early to get rid of the name of the rookie

Build your own Web pages with GitHub pages, the easiest way to do it for beginners

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