Building a Web App with ASP. NET Core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular

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Since I has spent many years on the Windows application development in my first three years of software career. I was interested in the C #, had tried to understand the basic knowledge about C #. The programs, the patterns, the object-oriented methodology, as well the thread, interface and so on.

But on the real engineering work, I had little chance to use them. While as fresh mans in work, we are only having the chance to do some basic things.

Some chores like to shoot a bugs, and to understand Thirty-party APIs and so on.

To being a software architect is just a dream. At least in the first three years.

Then I became a team leader of a Test team with 6 members together. Our work was just to does simulation test, and then does test on the real instrument (semi-conductor machine). I have great knowledge about the hardware (semi-conductor machine). Things didn ' t go well, I left the company for breakdown.

I still a pupil in software world, and with great passion. But with personal vision about the future, chose a mechanical corporation, and then fight

With the mechanic Mans. The years later, I lost my passion to being there, I have lost my point, where I should go, where are my future. Be a middle management manager of the present corporation, or found a software corporation and went in the software work. I choose the later.

In, I began-to-touch with ASP. Great passion and enthuse, I went on the software work again.

With almost three years, I-got to understand the ASP. But the world changes so dramatically. MVC has appeared-try to adapt the. Net technology to the world. So start-to-read the books around it, do some little code around it. And then there are a chance I can to handle it by myself, then another chance to handle it. And now I got the MVC lastly.

But who know the new things would nonstop. . Net core appeared again, today I had to learning about it, maybe ten hours ' reading and practice made me freshman again.  Wow, this was great,. Net core completely inhabited the great point of MVC. And much more open, and much. The most important is it would support all other platform.

Not only about the. Net Core, the Azure platform also shows its ' greatness. And the many things appeared.

The title just give a great list of what we should learn when do. NET core development.

I also understand the difference between angular and the react.  Both of them is in great relation with JavaScript. There is an example to discript them, angular is a car, and the react was just an engine. It is just.

So my conclusion was that:

In normal-just to practice them:

ASP. NET core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular.

But are some special environment, you had to learn the React. Since the entertainment world and you should try it. It ' s a great sword in View.

Not in the whole framework. I finally understood why Angular have great relationship with TypeScript. Because Microsoft had developed it. As the angular is developed by Google, and React developed by Facebook.

I am still a beginner, and then keep on.

Building a Web App with ASP. NET Core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular

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