C language entry reference (1), C language entry reference

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C language entry reference (1), C language entry reference

1. What is programming and what is programming language?

Programming programming, in layman's terms, is programming. The purpose is to tell computers to help us solve unfinished problems correctly and efficiently (such as the computing of huge data in scientific research ). A computer is like a man with great power, but it is very stupid and doesn't know how to use his own power. It requires someone to tell him how much power he can use, therefore, it is not too easy to understand the process of "telling the computer how to work hard" as programming. Computers are commonly known as computers, while we are human brains. It is inevitable that people communicate directly with computers in their language. So the question is, how can we tell the computer what we want to do? Now I need to talk about programming languages. I usually use natural languages to communicate with each other. Natural languages are naturally evolved languages, including Chinese, English, and Spanish. Do humans communicate with each other in natural languages? Do they communicate with computers in natural languages? Apparently not enough (it is not at this level now ). Therefore, the computer language is also the programming language. People need to use computer languages (programming languages) to communicate with computers. If we want it to help us, we need to use computer languages to tell how to do it. That is, programming and programming. What is the program? (Programs can be understood as software for the time being. The more appropriate statement is that "software is a collection of programs" will be discussed later.) programs are essentially a collection of commands and data. This computer is either powerful or powerful. It has three capabilities: input, computation, and output. Ah, no! There will be a lot of computers! Processing text, processing tables, surfing the Internet, and so on! Unfortunately, a computer is not as powerful as you can see. It does only input, computation, and output. In essence, it also provides input, computation, and output capabilities. I have said before that a computer is very stupid. Although it can input, operate, and output, it does not know how to input, how much, how to calculate, and how to output, at this time, we need to use commands to tell it how to input, calculate, and output. There are two types of data: input data and output data. Input data is the data that allows us to enter the computer for processing; the output data is the data obtained after the computer executes the command (in some cases, the visual and auditory effects are fed back, for example, the pop-up box warning and sound prompt, A simple mathematical question. 1 + 1 = 2. we enter "1 + 1" (the input data in quotation marks), and the computer executes commands (operations) to produce 1 + 1 = "2". This "2" is the output data.

A language has syntax and semantics, and a computer language is no exception. Programming is to learn the syntax and semantics of computer languages. The syntax of a computer language is not far different from that of the English language we have learned. It is a rule on how to use a word (function. Semantics refers to the interpretation of the meaning of words (functions). Different programming languages have different syntaxes and semantics. When programming, we must strictly follow the syntax and semantics of the language. Otherwise, errors will occur, because the computer will only follow your instructions, and you tell it wrong, it will also follow the wrong.

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