Cacti monitors multiple tomcat on a web

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Cacti monitors multiple tomcat on a web

Part I: Monitoring a single Tomcat

1. First download the monitor Tomcat template

After downloading, modify the,

A. Note the use Data around the third row ::D umper;

B. my $xml = ' GET $url ' on line 19th, and change to my $xml = ' wget-qo-$url ';

C. Add this line print "" around line 24th;

D. Note the print dumper ($status) around line 23rd;

E. Place all of the following lines in the

such as:print "Connector_max_time: $status->{connector}->{$connector}->{requestinfo}->{maxtime}";

Instead:print "Connector_max_time: $status->{connector}->{requestinfo}->{maxtime}";

2. Import templates


Enter cacti---Console (console)---> Import Templates (import Template)

3, put upload to the Cacti/scritps directory.

4. Then modify the configuration file of the monitored Tomcat

Vim/data/tomcat/tomcat_monitor/conf/tomcat-users.xml, <role rolename= "tomcat"/> <role rolename= " Manager-gui "/> <user username=" Tomcat "password=" Tomcat "roles=" Tomcat,manager-gui "/>

Add: Passwords here to set the password for the Tomcat admin page

Whether the Admin user who enters to view the page is configured OK

5. Enter CACTI---> Console (console)--Data input Methods---> Tomcat Status

Modify input String (input stream) Zhongyuan

perl/scripts/ Admin Passwords http-8080

Modified to:

perl/scripts/ Tomcat Tomcat http-8250

6, Installation Xml::simple

Installation method: (perl-mcpan-e "Install Xml::simple")

It is possible that the installation failed (try executing perl-mcpan-e "Install Xml::simple again"). If you see such an error message:


Shell code 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "alt=" Favorites code/>

  1. Tests succeeded but one dependency not OK (Xml::sax::expat)

  2. grantm/xml-simple-2.18. tar.gz

  3. [Dependencies]--NA

  4. Running make Install

  5. Make test had returned bad status, won ' t install without force

To the effect that there is no XML::P arser~ To install the parser?


Then enter the perl-mcpan-e Shell, the so-called cpan shell, and then execute the Force install Xml::simple

After the installation is complete CPAN then go back to the first step to install Xml::simple


If you see this warning:could not find Parserdetails.ini in/usr/local/share/perl5/xml/sax

See here:

and perform this:perl-mxml::sax-e "Xml::sax->add_parser (' Xml::sax::P ureperl ')->save_parsers ()"

7. Restart Tomcat_monitor

shell>/etc/init.d/tomcat_monitor Stop

Shell>/etc/init.d/tomcat_monitor Start

Settings for 8.Tomcat Manager

After the setup is complete, you can test it with the method mentioned in the install.

Example:./ Tomcat Tomcat http-8250, you will get:

jvm_memory_free:64522688 jvm_memory_max:1023934464 jvm_memory_total:81854464 connector_max_time:66 connector_error _count:19 connector_bytes_sent:2957318 connector_processing_time:804 connector_request_count:677 Connector_bytes_ received:0 connector_current_thread_count:25 connector_min_spare_threads:25 connector_max_threads:150 connector_ max_spare_threads:75 Connector_current_threads_busy:2 [Root]

Lists the results of the check.

9, if the front of the diagram is correct, the figure does not come out , you can try to put Templates (template)-->graph Templates (graphics template)--(not out of the diagram template)-Unit Grid Value (--unit/-- Y-grid) is emptied.

During the test, the tomcat-connection rate and TOMCAT-HEAP statistics are not available, either empty or set to 0 o'clock for the image to appear.

Cacti monitors multiple tomcat on a web

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