CAD two times development controls, DWG controls, Web page DWG controls, mobile browsing edit DWG controls

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Dream Drawing Plugin 5.2 (MxDraw5.2) is the strongest , most professional CAD development plug-in (control), do not need AutoCAD to run independently. Control using VC 2010 development, with 300,000 lines of code size, the earliest from the first version of 2007 completed, after years of accumulation has been very stable and reliable, perfect function. There are key spatial search algorithms, and the use of assembly optimization, you can process 500,000-level entities , graphics display and processing efficiency is much higher than similar products.

Dream Drawing 3d Plug-in 6.0 (mxdraw6.03d), using the display core of the two-dimensional control, based on the Opencascade geometric modeling engine, create cone, column, ring and other basic geometry, the geometry of the Boolean operation (add, subtract, intersect), Chamfer, Oblique cut, cutout, offset, peek, geometric spatial relationship calculation (normal, dot product, cross product, projection, fit, etc.), geometry Analysis (centroid, volume, curvature, etc.), spatial transformations (translation, scaling, rotation).

Dream Drawing Mobile Version plug-in 6.0 (MxDrawAndroid6.0), using the display core of two-dimensional control, and specifically for mobile phone display CAD drawings to do a fast optimization , is currently the fastest display DWG files on the phone software.

Dream CAD software 5.2 (MxCAD5.0), using the display core of two-dimensional control, fully autonomous two-dimensional CAD drawing software, simple program, fast running, full-featured, stable and reliable , compatible with all versions of the DWG file format, Support Arx two times development interface, solve the software genuine problems such as AutoCAD .

CAD two times development controls, DWG controls, Web page DWG controls, mobile browsing edit DWG controls

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