Can I use an old hard drive removed from my computer as a removable hard drive?

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A few days ago a friend changed a new host, think that the hard drive to tear down a pity, so asked me, can be used as a mobile drive? The answer is yes, but we have to see if it's necessary. Below is a small part of the following several to do the mobile hard disk needs to consider the parameters of the situation, we can refer to.

First look at the capacity of the hard disk, there are some very early, the capacity is small, 40G is not recommended to use, it is better to buy a U disk with the aspect.
Then is the interface problem, it is recommended to choose the SATA interface, even if there is the IDE's hard disk box, but the data line is easy to contact bad, resulting in data read failure is embarrassing, SATA interface basically does not appear this situation.
Finally is the transfer box, the proposed use with an external power interface of the easy drive line, not only low cost, but also easy to carry, more importantly, is very suitable for DIY.

Refer to the above several cases, you can see that you do the mobile hard disk is not complicated, if you are a strong hands-on people, like to do the early taste of things, you can DIY a mobile hard disk.
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Can I use an old hard drive removed from my computer as a removable hard drive?

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