Can linux of the USB flash drive really save the mobile office work?

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Can linux of the USB flash drive really save the mobile office work? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. The bandit was first launched. Recently, I always felt that there was a problem with the mobile hard disk, and there was always a problem where files were damaged and could not be copied. I thought there was a bad track. I checked it with diskkepper and there was no bad track, in addition, I am very interested in the linux version of the USB flash drive recently. I am determined to give the mobile hard disk a try and install a mobile version.

I searched by google and found that there were not many mobile versions of linux on the Internet, one for ubuntu and one for slax, and the rest was not seen. Due to poor performance of the notebook, in particular, if there is a problem with the optical drive, I have always been not interested in linux of livecd, so I chose an slax installation version. It is not difficult to install it. Everything has been packaged, the master can only write grub to the mbr of the mobile hard disk. After the instance is shut down and restarted, the problem is found. In linux, what can't be done, but the screen playing garbage will continue, the software is slower to open, and everything is the same, but there is a little mobility.

Recalling the perfect vista pe that has been used all the time, after the release of version 08, you can play games in the PE (but the size also increased to more than 100 MB in more than 300 MB ), with such a powerful PE version, system maintenance is really a pleasure. windows is at the forefront of ease of use. Is linux lagging behind in Mobile?

In general, linux is used as a mobile office platform. I personally feel very bad, at least in the current situation. windows has powerful hardware-driven support, it is not difficult to install all the drivers in PE. Perfection has been well done, but in contrast, linux does not solve its own problems, in the desktop field, I cannot compete with windows. I have heard that mandriva has made linux into a USB flash drive and sold it as a product. It seems that it is not cheap yet. I do not know how to sell it, but it cannot be purchased in China, and it is estimated that it will not be used.

Linux, as a mobile office, has too few selling points and has too many disadvantages. If there are few viruses or file security issues, a Kaspersky under PE will also solve the problem ...... Unfortunately, I am also a linux cainiao. I can only sigh here: When will linux be easy to use?
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