Chapter 1 Securing Your Server and Network (4): Using Virtual service Account

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The virtual service account, like the managed account, is a new feature introduced by Windows Server R2, a local account that does not require password management. And you can access the network as the NetworkService account through the computer identity. As opposed to NetworkService, because it is a built-in account and shared between services, in terms of control than virtual service account (see HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/DBA_HUANGZJ/ARTICLE/DETAILS/37924127), So the virtual account is a better choice.

A virtual account can configure security per service, but cannot manually create and delete a virtual account, which is the account that was created when the service was installed to Windows Server R2, and is consistent with the service name. For example, in NT service\mssql$sql2012, SQL2012 is the instance name. A virtual account can configure ACLs locally as a normal account, and can be a member of a local group.



in order for SQL Server to run under a virtual account, follow these steps:

1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager and open the Properties page for the SQL Server service:

2. Enter the NT service\mssql$< named instance name > or NT Service\mssqlserver (the default instance) in this account in the "Login" tab, and leave the password blank:

3. Click "Apply" and restart the service.


Virtual accounts can be treated as local managed accounts, they do not need to be managed (so called managed), cannot be created, and do not require a password. Note, however, that a virtual account cannot be used in a SQL Server cluster because it does not have the same SID on each node and can use a domain hosting account if it is needed for the cluster.

In addition, virtual accounts can be used as computer accounts on the network to access network resources, so if you like to network access to your services, prioritize the use of such managed accounts.

Chapter 1 Securing Your Server and Network (4): Using Virtual service Account

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