Chengdu Media: It small speakers, focus on mobile internet entrepreneurship

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Chengdu Media: It small speakers, focus on mobile internet entrepreneurship

It small horn (, founded in June 2015, Chengdu Reica Technology Co., Ltd. brand. Mainly responsible for media resources integration, media channel access, product promotion, resource integration, docking, etc., is the enterprise product publicity, brand marketing preferred.

Through nearly a year of grinding, it small speakers have been serving more than 1000 enterprises, reading volume of more than 6 million, cooperation media channels more than 700, participate in activities: 400 more than, covering more than 70,000 people. Let the participating enterprise product propaganda, brand exposure, reached a new height.

In this Internet + tuyere, the continuous emergence of the entrepreneurial army, if enterprises want to let the outside world quickly deepen their understanding, so that investors quickly understand their own enterprise or product, then the enterprise's product propaganda, brand marketing is particularly important.

It small horn: it can let the enterprise's brand propaganda low cost, high exposure.

It small horn of loyalty, let IT industry-related information quickly spread you I he!

Through the propaganda of it trumpet, can accelerate the search engine to promote enterprise and product quick collection, improve enterprise or product visibility, convenient outside the enterprise or product understanding.

Through the It trumpet report, hope can really help entrepreneurs and business owners in the operation and promotion of cost savings. At the same time, for a variety of internet entrepreneurship activities, it small speakers are willing to give media support. In the rapid development of the mobile Internet under the tide, we have a group development.

At the same time, it small speakers, also help some mobile Internet enterprises do some resources docking, recruitment, entrepreneurship-related services. Through these entrepreneurial services, we hope to make entrepreneurship easier through these services. More let the start-up enterprise through our platform to do: cooperation, open, win.

It trumpet-focus on mobile Internet entrepreneurship Technology new media, corporate product promotion, brand marketing preferred.

Source: it small horn

Chengdu Media: It small speakers, focus on mobile internet entrepreneurship

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