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The browser can not enter the link, only by scanning the two-dimensional code to achieve, but sometimes see an interesting site, want to share, but also first to the link into a two-dimensional code of the site, first turned into two-dimensional code, and then scan, a little trouble. So write a plug-in, directly generate two-dimensional code.

Files to be referenced: jquery.qrcode.js (convert text to QR code) and jquery

With the browser actions implementation, the user click on the icon, in the popup.html display QR code, the code is as follows:


{    "name": "Website2qrcode",    "version": "1.0",    "description": "Translate URL into QR code",    "Browser_action": {      "Default_icon": "Icon.png",    "Default_title": "QRCode",    "Default_popup": "Popup.html"  },  " Permissions ": [        " tabs ",         " http://*/* ",         " https://*/* ",         " notifications "      ],       " Manifest_ Version ": 2  

<! DOCTYPE html>

function Getcurrenttaburl (callback) {//Gets the URL and title of the current tag chrome.tabs.getSelected (function (tab) {var taburl = Tab.url;var Tabtitle = Tab.title;callback (Taburl,tabtitle);}); Listen for the click Time Document.addeventlistener (' domcontentloaded ', function () {Getcurrenttaburl (function (taburl,tabtitle) {  var website = document.getElementById (' website ');  var title = document.getElementById (' title ');  website.textcontent = "URL:" + taburl;  Title.textcontent = "title:" + Tabtitle;  Generate a two-dimensional code    jQuery (' #QRcode '). QRCode (TabURL);});

What are the good links, direct scan sharing just fine

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Chrome Plugin Development-----------convert URLs to QR code website2qrcode

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