Chrome/firefox processing JSON plug-in

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Chrome/firefox processing JSON plug-in
    • JSON plugin
Effect comparison
    • JSON data if you do not arrange the format look very laborious, today recommended a chrome/firfox under the JSON plug-in json-handle, this if the search is certainly a lot, but this should be I used the best and most convenient.

    • No processed data formats obtained

    • Format after the orchestration:

Installing from a browser
    • A:chrome Installation

    • B:firefox Installation

Install complete, open address with Chrome or Firefox test address: Portal

It is important to note that the Chrome for Mac does not automatically call the parsing of some JSON, this phenomenon encountered many times, but also in a certain period of time to begin to have this phenomenon, speculation is caused by the chrome upgrade, so you can first press the above AB method to install, If the test found that you can not see the above effect, it is estimated that there is a problem to remove the newly installed, the following method to reinstall, first download the following 2 files extracted,. CRX is Chrome. XPI is Firefox.




Chrome Open the Extension, Method: Window---extension, open and then directly unzip the. CRX dragged into the inside, so that the installation is finished, and then see that it should be done.

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Chrome/firefox processing JSON plug-in

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