Cisco (Cisco) iOS Basic Operations Command (II)

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One, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

The Cisco Discovery Protocol (Cdp,cisco Discovery Protocol) enables the collection of hardware and protocol information for adjacent devices for troubleshooting and network judgment.

1. Get CDP timer and hold time information

R0#show CDP #查看整个路由器的CDP信息

R0#sh CDP Interface #查看每个接口的路由信息

2. Set CDP time

R0 #cdp Time 60

R0#CDP Holdtime 180

3. Activating CDP

R0 (config) #cdp run #默认是激活的, if it is not possible to manually activate with this command. It takes a while for the neighbor information to be available after activation. This command activates all interfaces of the entire router.

R0 (config) #no CDP run #关闭整个路由器所有的接口.

R0 (config) #int f0/0

R0 (config-if) #cdp enable #激活指定接口的CDP

R0 (CONFIG-IF) #no CDP enable #关闭指定接口的CDP

4, mobile phone neighbor information

1) R0#sh CDP neighbors

2) R0#sh CDP entry * #显示邻居的详细信息 (fully consistent with SH CDP neighhors detail command)

3) R0#sh CDP entry * Protocol #查看直连设备的IP地址

4) R0#sh CDP entry * Version #查看直连设备的IOS版本

Second, router network management command

1. telnet command

Telnet is plaintext in the network, not secure enough, but easy to manage. The Telnet connection device requires the vty password to be set. And all ports are set to the same password because Telnet cannot choose to log on to the line.

R0 (config) #line vty 0 15

R0 (config) #password 4312

R0 (config) #login #换另一台路由器, after entering the password, you can log in to manage.

R1#telnet #ip为将要远程管理的路由ip. A privileged mode password must be set for the remote router, and a blank password will not log on remotely.

2. Exit Telnet Login


3. View users logged on to the router

R0#show Users

R0#clear Line Vty #踢掉从某个telnet线路100登录的进程的用户

4, establish the host name and IP address corresponding table

R0 (config) #ip r0

R0 (config) #do SH hosts

R0 (config) #no IP host R0 #删除主机名

5. Configure DNS

R0 (config) #ip domain-lookup #开启域名查询

R0 (config) #ip name-sever #指定DNS服务器, the DNS server needs to be configured to correctly resolve host names and domain names.

6. Ping command


7. Router Tracking command

R0#traceroute Domain Name

8. View the router process

R0#show processes

Third, router backup, upgrade and recovery

1. Preparatory work

1) The router and the computer are connected by a crossover line, and can ping through

R0 (config) #int f0/0

R0 (config-if) #ip address

R0 (config-if) #no shutdown

R0#ping #电脑ip

2) The computer starts the TFTP server side and specifies the server root directory. The specific configuration here will not repeat.

3) often referred to as iOS. The main memory of the router is ROM, RAM, FLASH, NVRAM

4) If you want to copy iOS to flash memory, you need to determine if there is enough space in the flash memory, otherwise the original image will be deleted.

2. Back up iOS to the TFTP server

R0#copy flash:c2800nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-15.t10.bin.tftp: #拷贝镜像到tftp

3. Restore the image or use the upgrade iOS image to get ready to work exactly the same.

R0#copy Tftp:flash:

Address or name of remote host []?

Source filename []? C2008nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-15.t10.bin

Destination filename [c2008nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-124-15.t10.bin]? Enter

%warning:there is a file already existing with this name

Do you want to over write? [Confirm] Enter #覆盖

Accessing Tftp:// ...

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Cisco (Cisco) iOS Basic Operations Command (II)

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