CISCO IOS XR Disk directory description

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IOS XR platform routers (such as CRS ), the storage media (or disk) is more dir or Show FileSystem can see which disks, as shown below, for beginners, may be confused, so many disks, what is the use of each? What's the difference?


/ALL List All Files

/ena recognize sub Directories

/recurse recursively list subdirectories encountered

WORD file name

bootflash: bootflash:file System

disk0: disk0:file System

disk0a: disk0a:file System

Disk1: disk1:file System

disk1a: disk1a:file System

harddisk: harddisk:file System

Harddiska: harddiska:file System

HARDDISKB: harddiskb:file System

lcdisk0: lcdisk0:file System

lcdisk0a: lcdisk0a:file System

Location Fully Qualified location specification

nvram: nvram:file System

rp/0/rsp0/cpu0:ios#Show FileSystem

Thu Jan 07:59:23.921 UTC

File Systems:

Size (b) free (b) Type Flags prefixes

--Network RW qsm/dev/fs/tftp:

--Network RW QSM/DEV/FS/RCP:

--Network RW qsm/dev/fs/ftp:

411041792 410863616 dumper-lnk rw qsm/dumper_disk0a:

411041792 409105920 dumper-lnk rw qsm/dumper_disk1a:

71422705664 65529062400 dumper-lnk rw qsm/dumper_harddisk:

224256 166912 dumper-lnk rw Qsm/dumper_nvram:

15708717056 15704851968 dumper-lnk rw qsm/dumper_harddiskb:

16179511296 16169447424 dumper-lnk rw Qsm/dumper_harddiska:

1644150784 893752832 dumper-lnk rw qsm/dumper_disk1:

1644150784 897604096 dumper-lnk rw qsm/dumper_disk0:

28966912 26142396 dumper-lnk rw Qsm/dumper_configflash:

44695552 25734668 dumper-lnk rw Qsm/dumper_bootflash:

1644150784 897604096 flash-disk rw disk0:

1644150784 893752832 flash-disk rw disk1:

71422705664 65529062400 harddisk rw harddisk:

15708717056 15704851968 harddisk rw harddiskb:

16179511296 16169447424 harddisk rw Harddiska:

411041792 409105920 flash-disk rw disk1a:

411041792 410863616 flash-disk rw disk0a:

28966912 26142396 Flash rw Configflash:

224256 166912 nvram rw nvram:

44695552 25734668 Flash RW bootflash:

Some of the content has not been understood for the time being, the following is a description of the already understood column, as follows

1, Bootflash storage is the IOX Boot Program (System), the boot program between Rommon and IOX ;

2, Disk0,disk0a,disk1,disk1a: Equivalent to the computer's C disk, for storing system files, multiple disks can be configured to mirror backup ; Ordinary documents are not recommended to be stored on the disk manually;

3, harddisk,Harddiska,harddiskb: equivalent to the computer in the D- disk, can store a variety of user files;

4, Lcdisk0,lcdisk0a: estimate the line card on the disk;

5, Location: Through this parameter, you can view the disk information of other cards, such as command dir bootflash:location 0/2/cpu0, if the location parameteris not added , The default is to view the main engine board information;

6. NVRAM : Rommon where the parameter information is stored, such as the register value, IP address, TFTP address and so on;

IOS XRand theIOSThere's a difference,IOSPlatform foriOSfiles are stored inFlashin the case of a file, when the router is running, it needs toiOSThe file is read into memory, so when the router is running properly, delete theFlashin theiOSfile does not affect the continued operation of the router (but the next reboot does notiOSfile, it must be impossible to start);IOS XRplatform is to use an installation package (popularly calledMini), it will unzip into a lot of directories and files, stored inDisk0, during the operation of the router, it can not be arbitrarily deleted.


The above content, the understanding may be inappropriate, the level is limited, for the reference only.

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CISCO IOS XR Disk directory description

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