Ckplayer-the use of super Cool web video player

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Now online to do a lot of video playback, I have used ckplayer this one, although do not know how other players, but Ckplayer is still relatively good. Call simple, clear, extensible very strong, I always like.

Of course, referring to other people's things must go to someone else's official online to see, because official online only formal help manual, case display, detailed configuration method. Read the configuration instructions, generally everyone can be integrated into their own website.

This is Ckplayer Web player's website address:

At first I feel that Ckplayer can modify their logo for free, and the skin is also very good-looking, see the method of cutting down to find very simple, decided to use it, now is the more with the more feel good. Let's start by showing the effects I've integrated into my site:

"Show effect"

"Adjust effect"

"Sharing effect"

Just because my heart is happy, this morning is not in vain.

I've got the latest version of v6.5 from the official web, and I remember I started with Shiyang. To tell you the truth, there are many places that did not meet my needs, and now basically my needs are satisfied.

In order to prevent later on the official website can not find this version, I put on the cloud disk to let everyone download it:ckplayer6.5 version

I believe I saw the demo and the configuration method inside, you will definitely use it. I would like to introduce the next thing I used when integration, first look at my code:

The code under HTML:

<div id= "A1" ></div>
<input id= "hidinfoid" type= "hidden" runat= "Server" value= "SZCBB"/>

<script type= "Text/javascript" src= "/video/js/offlights.js" ></script>
<script type= "Text/javascript" src= "/video/ckplayer/ckplayer.js" charset= "Utf-8" ></script>

<script type= "Text/javascript" >
var flashvars={
F: '/video/url.aspx?id=[$pat] ',//video address
A:document.getelementbyid ("Hidinfoid"). Value,//parameter at call, only valid when S>0     
S: ' 1 ',//Call mode, 0 = Normal method (f= video address), 1= URL form, 2=xml form, 3=swf form (s>0 when f= URL, with a to complete the assembly of the address)    
c: ' 0 ',//whether to read the text configuration, 0 not, 1 is
var params={bgcolor: ' #FFF ', allowfullscreen:true,allowscriptaccess: ' Always '};// This defines the other parameters of the player, such as the background color (unlike the B in Flashvars), whether full screen is supported, whether interactive is supported
var video=["];
ckobject.embed ('/video/ckplayer/ckplayer.swf', ' A1 ', ' Ckplayer_a1 ',' 642 ', ' 615 ', False, Flashvars,video,params);

//Switch light
var box = new LightBox ();
function Closelights () {//Off light
box. Show ();
ckobject._k_ (' A1 '). style.width= ' 642px ';
ckobject._k_ (' A1 '). style.height= ' 615px ';
Ckobject.getobjectbyid (' ckplayer_a1 '). width=642;
Ckobject.getobjectbyid (' ckplayer_a1 '). height=615;
function Openlights () {//Turn on the light
box. Close ();
ckobject._k_ (' A1 '). style.width= ' 642px ';
ckobject._k_ (' A1 '). style.height= ' 615px ';
Ckobject.getobjectbyid (' ckplayer_a1 '). width=642;
Ckobject.getobjectbyid (' ckplayer_a1 '). height=615;


1. The red label is to be replaced with the address in your project.

2. The blue label is in order to realize the video address hiding not to be exposed. Where the video address is dynamically obtained from the Url.aspx page, so f,a,s is used in conjunction with the ID parameter F passed in as the value of a.

3. Orange labeling is to achieve the sharing function to obtain the address of this website, the specific sharing function from here to see

4. The green label is the size value of the video

5. To implement the switch light function remember to refer to the Offlights.js file

The code under Url.aspx.cs:

protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e)

if (!string. IsNullOrEmpty (request.querystring["id"]))
Determine the value of the ID to get the corresponding address

Response.Write ("Your video address");

Note that the HTML code under Url.aspx is to be completely deleted, because you need to return a pure address and no other code. The rest of the page is on the

Another place to note is the implementation of the sharing feature, to modify the path of some files in the contents of the Share.xml.

Other will not write, go to the official website to see it.

Ckplayer-the use of super Cool web video player

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