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The use of tags in HTML to display content in the Web page, if you want to complete the interaction between the user and the page needs to use the HTML form (form), the form can provide a graphical user interface in the Web page, the data input from the consumer to the server side. The following describes the specific controls available in the form form.

<form></form> is also a label, in pairs, in the form form, using the attribute action tag user input data transfer address, using method to mark the way of data transmission, there are get/post two kinds, such as

<form action= " method=" get "></form>, and the form form's controls need to be placed between two labels.

There are three main forms of form controls, Input,select and Option,textarea.

Input controls, using the type attribute to define different controls: <input type= "Control";:

1. Text control, a single line input box

2, Password, password box, enter the information will be displayed as asterisks or other symbols

3, Radio, Radio box control

4. CheckBox check box control

5, Hidden, hidden fields, content not displayed in the page

6 files, file selection control, you can choose Local file upload

7. Submit button

8, Reset reset button

9. Button normal buttons

Select and option controls make up a drop-down list, select is a drop-down button, option is a choice content

TextArea is a multi-line text input box.

Client page Programming-html form

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