Closed mode, no future? Mobile Internet industry will enter the era of ecological openness

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Recently, the chairman of the Music network Jia Yueting Pavilion on the Micro-blog published a letter to Apple: The next generation of mobile internet no longer need autocracy, triggered the hot discussion of countless netizens. In the letter, Jia Yueting Pavilion said that only the mode of the times, there is no eternal model, closed Apple has not been in line with the development trend of the times, will inevitably weaken.

Perhaps, Jia Yueting Pavilion of this letter offended a lot of fruit powder, but Liu Yan but think Jia Yueting Pavilion this letter just said a truth, also expressed a lot of people in the industry and outside the common aspiration. There is no denying that Steve Jobs, with its closed systems, has created the ultimate user experience of Apple products, so many of the fruit powder so far indulge in this. But more and more Apple users are complaining about the lack of innovation in Apple's system, product design, and so on, in the absence of Cook, but on Apple's narcissistic closed systems. The cancer that is growing in Apple's closed systems is beginning to grow bigger and spread to all areas.

  Cancer one: Blocked the self-innovation

"Apple's success is the success of the era, the closure of closed-loop models, but in the closed mode, Apple has become increasingly overbearing and autocratic," Jia Yueting said in the letter. Indeed, Pride makes one lag behind, and the closure makes one stubborn. Closure makes Apple more arrogant, more self-centered, and also a clampdown on self-innovation.

From Apple's latest two mobile phone products IPhone6 and IPhone6 Plus, we can all feel the serious lack of innovation in the iphone. and IPhone6 and IPhone6 Plus, the two phones that will sell again in the world, a big part of the reason is because of the other mobile phone brands of large-screen design style. However, the mobile phone performance, technology, domestic mobile phone and Apple's gap is shrinking.

Take a look at Apple's newest ipad product, except that the CPU is faster and thinner, with little more than a more intuitive distinction. With a serious lack of bright spots, ipad sales have dropped sharply across the globe, even as the Android tablet overtook the trend.

And Apple in the Internet of things in the era of performance is more difficult, and finally released an apple think very creative applewatch, but with other long-listed smart watches almost no difference, even make it hard to find AppleWatch's special where.

  Cancer II: Curb developer Innovation

Apple's closed-loop model determines that Apple's own services and applications can be well integrated with Apple's systems and hardware. This is unfortunate news for a large number of third-party application developers.

First, Apple's anti-user provisions for third-party applications have become a consensus in the industry, and many third-party developers can only obediently follow Apple's stated price profiles and enforce the use of Apple's payment and user systems, and developers do not have any discretionary pricing power.

Second, Apple's review of the third application of the principle is very opaque, it is entirely Apple's own decision, Apple said you can do it, say you do not, you can not, which triggered the countless developers of Apple complaints.

Third, for many developers, the most unbearable is Apple's inefficient feedback. Many developers have worked hard to develop a self-sensing iOS app that uploads to Apple's app center, but often does not receive any of Apple's official audit results and feedback suggestions for a long time.

Four, for developers, the application of the continuous update is the product better adapt to the user's necessary stage. Apple apps can update only a few versions and have a long time period relative to the Android app's ability to update dozens of versions per year.

Its five, the most hated by developers, is that Apple's many mandatory rules for third-party applications limit the developer's innovation to a very good one.

  Cancer III: Reduced user experience

As Jia Yueting said in the letter, "in Apple's closed system, all users must be his shunmin, all must follow his strict rules." "Due to the Jia Yueting Pavilion, the lack of innovation caused by Apple's closure has also led to a more and less effective user experience," he said.

First, there is no denying that the Apple system trumps Android in security and user experience, but since Apple's iOS6 online has been to the latest iOS8.3, the loophole seems to have never stopped, which has surprised countless users. Instead of an open Android system, the user experience is getting better with people inside and outside the industry.

Secondly, the design of Apple products in the jobs era seems to have fully reached the peak, do not accept criticism and guidance from outsiders, always indulge in narcissism. Most of Apple's products today, almost all continue the design style of the era of jobs, but for users, the same style of things even if the look is always annoying, experience nature is not good.

Finally, for users, Apple's self-containment has led to a number of innovative applications that have been limited by Apple's hardware products. This type of anti-harassment app is not available on Apple phones, taking the most annoying phone calls and spam messages from mobile phone users.

  Cancer IV: Hindering innovation in the industry

In the Internet age, the spirit of freedom and openness was advocated, and Apple's closure was a serious violation of the spirit of the Internet. Even more worrying is the closure of Apple, which has hindered innovation and development across the industry.

As we all know, Apple has always advocated closure, in fact, there is a very important reason is that Apple can build its own strong patent barriers, and then the use of patents to defeat different competitors. Open ecosystems are more vulnerable to attack, often on the defensive in patent litigation, more prone to passive disadvantage, and once the infringement is involved, it often affects the fishpond. This is possible from Apple and HTC, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers in the patent war can be completely glimpse.

And that's why other companies are shackled when it comes to innovation, fearing that a product that is thought to be innovative is accidentally violated by an Apple patent. It is also the existence of such innovative barriers, so that the current Android phone is rarely the ultimate experience and functionality.

To sum up, from the trend of mobile internet, Apple this closed model has not been in line with the development of this era, whether it is for Apple itself, or for developers, users and even the entire industry, Apple's closed mode is not a small harm. The future era is open, belong to freedom, belong to share, Apple's success stems from the closed, the failure will also because of closed!

  Liu Yan, Zen Road ponder Internet, public number: liukuang110

Closed mode, no future? Mobile Internet industry will enter the era of ecological openness

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