COCOS2D-JS Study notes-Installation and commissioning (1)

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At present, from the domestic point of view, more well-known, suitable for the front-end programmers to use the framework of the game, basically Egret and cocos2d-js; just two frames have been learned,

Egret is the recent rise of a framework mainly using typescript.js language as the development language. Typescript is Microsoft development is a JS superset. The syntax is not so close to the ES 6 that it is more AS3 than the grammar.

So Egret is more suitable for flash game developers to use, if not AS3 developers, to the direct use of COCOS2D-JS, will feel more cordial.

Egret recently compared to fire. It should be the strong promotion of the relationship between Egret company. Cocos2d-js more mature. The games that have been developed now look at the more mature works, the more perfect some.

In general, the two kinds of game framework are different, there is no good or bad points, can only say that it is more suitable for you, can improve the development efficiency.

Turned down the book, said Cocos-2djs There are two ways to develop

1. The JS class library can also be used directly through the SDK

2. Directly download the class library, create a new HTML page, introduce the corresponding class library

Generally feel that the first feeling is bigger on some, so do not study the second kind, only talk about the first kind.

The address given on the Download SDK tutorial is;

According to the process to Bai, the results downloaded to understand the pressure, the results are not correct, and then go down and the tutorial on the number, it is estimated that the Cocos site revision results Cocos2d-js SDK found in the store


When you are finished downloading:

First of all, the SDK development steps:

1. Install Python

2, unzip the SDK, run

3, run cmd, New COCOS2D-JS project: Cocos new–l JS Project_Name

4, using Webstorm and other IDE to open the project directory, the new project has a ready-made HelloWorld example

OK, run up. Alternatively, you can download a Cocos Code IDE professional Development Cocos2d-js

However, I still prefer to use webstrom to use it more conveniently.

COCOS2D-JS Study notes-Installation and commissioning (1)

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