Cocos2d-x homemade tool 06: AnimatePacker source code

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Unexpectedly, some of my peers have recently asked me for the ancient code of AnimatePacker. I even proposed the purchase method.

The code of this tool has previously given away some friends in private. Since there is no charge in the past, it should not be charged in the future. I have never thought of using this software for profit. There is a lot of chaos in the domestic program industry. Not everything can be bought with money, nor anything can be sold for money.

Use the Qt4.8 version to enable compilation.

Qt5 adjusts the architecture and the 4.x project to have compatibility issues and requires modifications before compilation.

The code is very short, and it has not been revised or reconstructed. Some of the writing methods are not worth advocating, including simple rendering and canvas ). The only thing that feels good is that this is a lightweight tool that does not destroy any engine code and encapsulates the minimum amount. This idea is very interesting.

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