[Cocos2d-x] How to transfer data via WebSocket Connection server in Cocos2d-x 3.x version

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Start by creating a new empty folder that is installed with NPM nodejs-websocket :

NPM Install Nodejs-websocket  

New app.js File:

varWS = Require ("Nodejs-websocket"); Ws.createserver (function(conn) {Conn.on ("Text", function (str) {Console.log ("Get the message:"+STR); Conn.sendtext ("The server got the message"); }) Conn.on ("Close", function (code, Reason) {Console.log ("Connection closed");    }); Conn.on ("Error", function (code, Reason) {Console.log ("An Error!"); });}). Listen8001);

By node app.js starting, the server is set up.

    • include the header file first in the header file:
 #include "network/websocket.h" 
    • implements the WebSocket delegate:
class  helloworld :  public cocos2d::layer,public cocos2d::network:: WebSocket::D elegate  
    • The function interfaces defined in the four delegates and a Socketclient object used to connect:
//For virtual function in WebSocket delegateVirtual voidOnOpen (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws);Virtual voidOnMessage (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws,ConstCocos2d::network::websocket::D ata& Data);Virtual voidOnClose (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws);Virtual voidOnError (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws,Constcocos2d::network::websocket::errorcode& error);//The WebSocket IO clientCocos2d::network::websocket* _wsiclient;
    • Initialize client:
_wsiclient = new Cocos2d::network::websocket (); _wsiclient->init (*this , );  
    • Implement these functions in the CPP file:
//Start Socket connectionvoidHelloworld::onopen (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws) {Cclog ("OnOpen");}//received a messagevoidHelloworld::onmessage (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws,ConstCocos2d::network::websocket::D ata& Data) {STD::stringTextstr = data.bytes;        Textstr.c_str (); Cclog (Textstr.c_str ());}//Connection offvoidHelloworld::onclose (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws) {if(ws = = _wsiclient)    {_wsiclient = NULL;    } cc_safe_delete (WS); Cclog ("OnClose");}//Error encounteredvoidHelloworld::onerror (cocos2d::network::websocket* ws,Constcocos2d::network::websocket::errorcode& error) {if(ws = = _wsiclient) {Charbuf[ -] = {0}; sprintf (BUF,"An error was fired, code:%d", error); } cclog ("error was fired, error code:%d", error);}

There is also a plan to use Socketio, not yet tried, test it tomorrow:

//Require HTTP module (to start server) and Socket.iovarHTTP = require (' http '), Io = require (' Socket.io ');//Start the server at port 8080varServer = Http.createserver (function(req, res) {//Send HTML headers and messageRes.writehead ( $,{' Content-type ':' text/html '}); Res.end (' );}); Server.listen (8080);//Create a Socket.io instance, passing it our servervarSocket = Io.listen (server);//ADD a Connect listenerSocket.on (' Connection ',function(client) {//Create periodical which ends a message to the client every 5 seconds    varInterval = SetInterval (function() {Client.send (' This was a message from the server! '+NewDate (). GetTime ()); }, the);//success! Now listen to messages to be receivedClient.on (' message ',function(event) {Console.log (' Received message from client! ', event);    }); Client.on (' Disconnect ',function() {clearinterval (interval); Console.log (' Server has disconnected '); });});
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