"COCOS2DX Audio" has sound on Android, but Win32 has no sound

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Because just contact COCOS2DX, a lot of knowledge point is not very clear, online download example program, in Win32 no sound, but transplant on Android have voice.

Online check, is due to different platforms supported by different audio formats caused by the audio file to transcode.

Reference Official Document: http://cn.cocos2d-x.org/article/index?type=cocos2d-x&url=/doc/cocos-docs-master/manual/framework/ Native/v3/audio-and-effect/zh.md

supported platforms and formats

The music formats supported by Cocosdesion are as follows:

platform common file formats supported remarks
android mp3, Mid, OGGG, WAV
iOS AAC , CAF, MP3, M4A, wav
Windows Mid, MP3, WAV No

The audio formats supported by Cocosdesion are as follows:

Platform common file formats supported Notes
Android OGGG, WAV Support for WAV is not perfect
iOS CAF , M4A You can play all the formats supported by Cocos2d-iphone cocosdesion
Windows Mid, WAV No

"COCOS2DX Audio" has sound on Android, but Win32 has no sound

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