Codeforces 219B Special offer! Super Price 999 bourles!

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Special offer! Super Price 999 bourles!Time limit:1000MS Memory Limit:262144KB 64bit IO Format:%i64d &%i6 4u SubmitStatusPracticecodeforces 219B


Polycarpus is an amateur businessman. Recently he was surprised to find out and that the market for paper scissors is completely free! Without further ado, Polycarpus decided to start producing and selling such scissors.

Polycaprus calculated that the optimal celling price for such scissors would is p bourles. However, he read somewhere that customers is attracted by prices the say something like "special offer! Super Price 999 bourles! ". So Polycarpus decided to lower the price a little if it leads to the desired effect.

Polycarpus agrees to lower, the price is no more than D Bourles so that's the number of nines at the end of the Resulting price is maximum. If there is several ways to does it, he chooses the maximum possible price.

Note, Polycarpus counts only the trailing nines in a price.


The first line contains the integers p and D (1≤ p ≤1018; 0≤ D < p)-the initial price of scissors and the maximum possible price reduction.

%lld specifier to read or write 64-bit integers inс++. It is preferred to use CIN, cout streams or the%i64d specifier.


Print the required price-the maximum price it ends with the largest number of nines and that's less than p< /c11> by no more than D.

The required number shouldn ' t has leading zeroes.

Sample Input

1029 102
27191 17
1#include <stdio.h>2#include <string.h>3#include <algorithm>4 using namespacestd;5 6 intnnLong Longa)7 {8     intSi=0;9      while(a)Ten     { Onea=a/Ten; Asi++; -     } -     returnsi; the } -  - Long LongPoLong LongSinty) - { +      for(intI=1; i<=y;i++) -     { +s=s*Ten; A     } at     returns; - } -  - intMain () - { -     Long Longp,d,q; in     intn,i,j,k; -      while(SCANF ("%i64d%i64d", &p,&d)! =EOF) to     { +n=nn (p); -         if(n==1) theprintf"%i64d\n", p); *         Else $          for(i=1; i<=n;i++)Panax Notoginseng         { -Q=po (P/po (1, n-i), N-i); the              for(j=n-i;j>=1; j--) +             { AQ=q+po (9, J-1); the             } +             if(q==p) -             { $printf"%i64d\n", Q); $                  Break; -             } -Q=po (P/po (1, N-i)-1, N-i); the              for(j=n-i;j>=1; j--) -             {WuyiQ=q+po (9, J-1); the             } -             if(p-q<=d) Wu             { -printf"%i64d\n", Q); About                  Break; $             } -         } -     } -     return 0; A}
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Codeforces 219B Special offer! Super Price 999 bourles!

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